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9 Replies
rafaela - September 8

what are doctor's ways to treat infertility?


althea - September 8

doctors would prescribe some medicines, surgery, artificial insemination, or assisted reproductive technology. sometimes these treatments are combined.


girl2woman - September 8

test results and how long the couple has been trying to get pregnant are some of those basis a doctor would do before recommending some specific treatments.


trista - September 8

not only that girl2woman, the age of both man and woman too and as well as the overall health and preferences of the partners.


loyd - September 8

doctors would treat infertility to men in different ways such as sexual problems dealing with impotence or premature ejaculation. they will use behavioral therapy and/or medicines can be used in these cases.


tracy - September 8

too few sperm also. surgery can correct the cause of the problem.


harvey - September 8

quite complicated. surgically, doctors remove sperm directly from the male reproductive tract. antibiotics is one way also to be used to clear up infections affecting sperm count.


dorphie - September 8

i guess sperm movement too is included as basis. this is when sometimes semen has no sperm because of a block in the man's system. surgery can correct this kind of problem.


Shaun - September 9

They said that soy can also cause infertility.


monikadavid - June 6

Hi there! Well, there are different ways of different cases. As I've PCOS. I've been through a few things like medication, infertility drugs, clomide, even herbs, IVF...But, sometimes, things are meant to be a different way. I've tried so long for like years. But, now undergoing a DE at a repro center in Ukraine as I've had failed IVF previously. I'm going for it on my doctor's recommendation. So, yeah! Everyone has different ways! So, what's your reason? I mean, what is your cause? Don't hesitate! Stay blessed!



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