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abnormalities going on
8 Replies
sylvia - August 31

i don't understand why after having 2 child for 2 years of being married, i wasn't able to get pregnant back again for almost 3 years. we've done the same thing and it matters too much to me for not having a 3rd child since we planned it accordingly to have 2 boys and 1 girl. anyone? am i having fertility issues here?


ashley - August 31

a change of lifestyle may vary on this kind of problem. you might have medical issues before that could be a factor of having hard time to get pregnant again.


trista - August 31

i would agree on ashley. lifestyle can be one factor too. are you into smoking or did you get fat lately?


keisha - September 2

i don't think it's a fertility issue though it sounds like that way. but i don't know `cause if that's the case, then you haven't suppose to have child eversince.


spice - September 2

nahhhh... you're not infertile. maybe you are just overreacting with the matter that you can't get pregnant easily after having 2. aren't you happy you still got kids?


gilda - September 3

how can you just simply say it SPICE! are you somewhat a doctor? are sure it's not infertility after being fertile? this is getting confusing here...


heidi - September 7

uhmmm... this case seems to be a little bit odd. maybe you are getting into menopause stage that is why you are having a hard time of getting pregnant. by the way sylvia did you ever had that feeling that you are going into that stage?


shaira - July 11

my original plan is to have 4 babies with 1-2 years gap each and it happened on my first, second and third but the 4th never came and it's okay. i am fertile to begin with and so with my husband but no matter how we try, no luck.


Sumita - July 11

Hey Sylvia, How old are you? Did you confirm from your Doctor about infertility? Are you facing fertility problem seriously? May be it would take time to get pregnant. You can take information about natural remedies to cure infertility problem.



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