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abortion to affect getting pregnant
12 Replies
harlem - September 10

i am just curious about one of these infertility issues concerning that if you have been to abortion, your chances of getting pregnant will be at risk. how true could this be?


janina - September 10

i don't think so. that could be a lesser impossible on that matter. however, maybe at some point coincidentally that happens to some number of women undergoes abortion.


sheena - September 10

yes in rare cases like multiple dilations and curettages; that of cleaning out of the uterus known to be as D&C can cause some scarring at the top of the cervix or inside the uterus.


lady - September 10

sounds scary. i don't like the idea of that. i am quite ignorant for any cause that might affect being fertile. is this somehow proven?


patrice - September 10

there's this procedure called hysteroscopy that can be used to check this problem can usually repair the scar tissue at the same time.


ingrid - September 10

well, any procedure that dilates the cervix can weaken it. this is a necessary step during most abortions. so say if you have more than one abortion and you get pregnant again later on, you may have an incompetent cervix that starts dilating prematurely.


cassandra - September 10

is there any cure for that ingrid?


ingrid - September 10

it can be treated at most times with stitch to keep the cervix closed and that stitch is called cerclage. on the other hand, if you happen to conceived before, this will prove that you ovulate and that your fallopian tubes are open.


matilda - September 10

great thing. there are sometimes complications of having abortion before and getting pregnant. don't you think that would give the baby some bad effects?


brenda - September 10

abortion is a serious procedure and getting pregnant after having it can make you have a miscarriage. that's not good at all. might have to wait for one year before planning to get pregnant again to have a period of your vaginal area reconstructs itself.


phyzea - September 10

let's always have to protect ourselves and keep it healthy so we won't be in this kind of situation. abortion can only worsen the case of being infertile so if ever we get down and dirty, let's think of the possibilities that will happen to us including getting pregnant.


liza - September 10

there are some cases that you can still get pregnant after having a couple of times abortion. but the risk is when you are already pregnant, you will have the complications you'll never wanted to happen. those who haven't went through are lucky enough, those who have been aren't so lucky and might not get pregnant anymore.


gretchen - September 10

this could somehow ruined your plans of getting pregnant and would have a hard time bear one too. there is always a way other than abortion so why do it. you can use safe methods if you don't want to get pregnant or you might regret and it's already too late for you to conceived normal or would have no chance to conceive at all.



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