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we_women - September 17

there are so many fertility drugs around here and might be this could be a helpful thread for discussing pros, cons, etc about those fertility drugs. i would also love to educate myself on this matter.


margie - September 17

hi we_women. cool thread you got. glad you open this up...

let's share our opinions and learning on this.


epiphany - September 17

hello... i just want to share this one fertility drug listed "gonadotropins". it says that this could help you in conceiving. if you have been undergoing ART treatment like the IVF, gonadotropins can help you produce several eggs for the procedure.


Shaun - September 17

really? but how about men who have infertility issues? does this drug could help us men too?


epiphany - September 17

yes it is. men like you shaun can take this drug whenever you have hormonal imbalance that actually starts in your pituitary gland or lypothalamus which could eventually linked tolow sperm count or could have poor sperm quality or the sperm's ability to move.


Shaun - September 17

thanks epiphany, that's a whole of infos hehehe... but glad this thread opened up such this kind of topic that is not only intended for women but also for us men who may certainly have this kind of condition...


heidi - September 17

this topic can build up our knowledge more on being aware about this matter. it shows that this human menopausal gonadotropins (hmg) has follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone and the one urofollitropin or the recombinant fsh are pure. you can choose whatever you want to be injected for 7 up to 12 days and could be translated into dose of fsh that'll prompt your ovaries to be able to produce several eggs wherein the normal production of egg is only one per month.


Sharee - September 17

aha, well, after you have those shots you will still be injected with another substance called human chorionic gonadotropin. this could help you to dictate the ovaries to release your mature eggs into your fallopian tubes.


saishee - September 17

that is absolutely cool.... then after, your eggs can meet up with a healthy sperm on its way to your uterus and would definitely give you the chance to have a baby :)


belinda - September 17

how long could that be girls??? i mean the treatment process...


liza - September 17

you'll start to have the shots of 3 days into your monthly menstrual cycle and will continue so on taking them for 7-12 days each of the month.

still, that will depends on how long it takes for your eggs to go mature. ask for doctor's instructions so he can train you more how to take the shots. a doctor will monitor you closely if your system is responding to the medication.


dorphie - September 17

exactly.... you should also have to do frequent trans-vaginal ultrasounds and blood tests as well, this is often necessary.


althea - September 17

follow-up on this you will be given an hcg injection and most likely you will be ovulating 24-36 hours later. you'll have to go home and mate your partner or the doctor will give you a schedule for intrauterine insemination for a day or 2 after.


arlene - September 17

hmm... but most women have that maximum of 3-6 drug cycles and success rate don't improve if the drug wasn't took longer. you can just go to the doctor, seek his advice whether to increase the dosage or suggest another way of treatment.


gretchen - September 17

could you get some side effects of this drug? i am aware of drugs that have the ability to really treat you right there and then, but i would also might know that consequences will show of right after you are treated or during that period.


lowella - September 17

eventually there is. any kind of drugs will have their individual side effects some could be lighter and some could be worse. well, basically side effects may be noticed like abdominal tenderness, bloating, fluid retention, and you may gain weight or having that hard time through injection. but newer of this drug will only cause fewer side effects.


deborah - September 17

effects can be noticeably also by the time you get pregnant. i've heard a couple of times that the effect of having a 10-40 percent chance to conceive twins or more in this drug. but this could never be a bad effect coz some of those couples consider this as a blessing. on the other hand, multiple fetuses may lead to increase of risk of miscarriage or other complications.



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