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deborah - September 17

effects can be noticeably also by the time you get pregnant. i've heard a couple of times that the effect of having a 10-40 percent chance to conceive twins or more in this drug. but this could never be a bad effect coz some of those couples consider this as a blessing. on the other hand, multiple fetuses may lead to increase of risk of miscarriage or other complications.


felicia - September 17

aside from that, you will have some emotionally intense process upon going to the doctor frequently for monitoring... hahaha that could be a bit stressful too. apart from this, some who take this drug may develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome that can be signaled by weight gain and bloated feeling.


hevia - September 17

there are no serious side effects of the alike too. i mean some lighter effects may bother you a bit like dizziness, nausea, hard to breath, vomiting and some pelvic pain. actually ohss happens when you tend to respond too well to the drugs and produce a lot of eggs. this is where your ovaries rapidly swell to several times and leak fluid in your abdominal cavity. but incase this would happen, it can be resolve itself when monitored by your trusted physician.


patrice - September 18

that might be a life threatening but in rare cases only. when this happens you have to be hospitalized for more intense monitoring but looking on the brighter side, according to the researchers who have recently made examined results found out that these fertility drugs don't increase woman's risk of developing ovarian cancer, even taking it up more than a year.


cassandra - September 18

that's lot of learning to ponder. read an article about this stuff and 20-60% women who use this treatment have conceived.


betsy - September 18

i was just wondering of how much does this cost you? it shows nowadays that certain rate of women have this kind of problem and getting in this problem would have you to spend money on this drug. anyone?


mandy - September 18

normally it would cost a bit higher for this. expecting spend for about $2,000 up to $5,000 per cycle of gonadotropins that would carry including drugs, visiting doctor and several tests. if you have that insurance but with it comes the policy that the treatment isn't covered, you will have to pay the entire cost up front.


zhiba - September 18

heard bout clomiphene? that's another fertility drug instore at the moment.


loyd - September 18

yes there is. there are two brand names for that which are clomid and serophene.


yen - September 18

who can take that kind of drug? is it for both women and men?


zhiba - September 18

that's for both men and women. for men, who has hormonal imbalance.


ashley - September 18

does this really helps you? i am kinda amaze with all this medicines and stuffs alike. but not quite sure about how this drugs can really help you.


dianne - September 18

this can help you conceive if you are one type of woman who ovulate irregularly or not at all. this is very helpful in particular if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS.


chavie - September 18

my friend tried this one and she has PCOS but this drug doesn't work for her, so the doctor came up to prescribe her metformin that is an insulin-sensitizing drug that eventually help you respond to clomiphene.


dianne - September 18

really? that nice to hear. haven't that so familiar with another drug to suffice the function of clomiphene.


xxladydreamxx - September 18

you might also take clomiphene and of other infertility drugs before undergoing to an assisted reproductive technology ar ART treatment such of this in vitro fertilization or IVF. this would encourage you to produce several eggs by procedures.



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