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xxladydreamxx - September 18

you might also take clomiphene and of other infertility drugs before undergoing to an assisted reproductive technology ar ART treatment such of this in vitro fertilization or IVF. this would encourage you to produce several eggs by procedures.


nimfa - September 18

awesome info. but as to go with this treatment, are there something that we should take note of?


zhiba - September 18

what do you mean the dosage? clomiphene is usually take in pill form for one five-day cycle per month. this helps you produce more of your hormones that will eventually trigger ovulation. this could prompt your ovaries to produce one or more mature eggs, that will depend on how often you normally ovulate.


brandy - September 18

one more thing is that, when you finish the cycle of clomiphene, the hypothalamus will release luteinizing hormone.


gilda - September 18

how long you will undergo treatment?


zhiba - September 18

it is actually depends on your menstrual activity. if your period is already regular, you will have to start taking clomiphene 3-5 days. if you still have irregular period, the doctor will make sure you are not pregnant and induce menstruation by prescribing a medication called provera so you can begin to take clomiphene.


-MP- - September 18

well, you most likely ovulate 5-12 days after you take the last pill. the doctor will have to monitor as closely and as often to see whether your ovaries are getting ready to release an egg.


spice - September 18

but most of the women go through this 6 cycles of treatment at the most. the chance of getting pregnant doesn't improve if you aren't taking the drug longer. if there are no progress after 3 cycles, the doctor will increase the dosage.


gilda - September 18

how about some side effects on this kind of drug?


elijah - September 18

side effects are not that rude. nausea, vomiting, headaches and fatigues. you can even conceive twin of about 10% chances. 80% of women ovulate had the success rate. this would only cost you $50 on one cycle of clomid but not included with doctor's cost and etc.


zhiba - September 18

there is also a drug they called bromocriptine which is popularly know as parlodel.


april - September 18

uhmmm heard that one. this is commonly prescribed when your ovulation problems caused by a pituitary adenoma.


joy - September 18

what does that mean april? what is pituitary adenoma??


april - September 19

it is a benign tumor that happens to grow in your pituitary gland located in your brain behind your nose. it secretes an excess of prolactin that reduces your estrogen levels and inhibits ovulation. you will have a rare cause of fertility problem like hyperprolactinemic amenorrhea.


sheena - September 19

i gotta get away to this, i think this is a lot more serious stuff than expected :(


viktoria - September 19

how could this be taken? what's the dosage for this?



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