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ACUPUNCTURE, REFLEXOLOGY for fertility (and the like)
38 Replies
ingrid - December 17

well you don't just have acupuncture and then get the result right there and then. it is important to manifest relaxation is well best to be practiced.


harlem - December 17

it is amidst the belief of western medicine about the healing power of acupuncture, a couple of researchers are supporting the effectiveness of its effect in ehancing fertility.


brenda - December 17

i am not against western medicine but then i am sure of the power for alternative ones. herbal medicines on the other hand, can improve the fertility problems a woman may have.


belinda - December 17

and what about reflexology? is this an alternative therapy that will help solve the problem of fertility issues too?


zhiba - December 17

this is what they called a complimentary therapy that is done to your foot to be massaged to help balance your body.


xxladydreamxx - December 17

like acupuncture this helps a lot too and it doesn't stop end up healing the body too, it is an overall wa of putting your health in healthiness.


abigail - December 17

this type of therapy has been used a hundred years ago in ancient Egypt and Greece but have been formalized for the last 70 years.


saishee - December 17

how is this going to be? what should a reflexologist do to the patients foot?


icah - December 17

this type of treatment take a very holistic approach to heal the principle reflex points in your feet and will intrinsically link to your internal organs.


hevia - December 17

in this way, they say that assumingly when touch is applied on the feet, those are passed on to the corresponding aread of your body.


arlene - December 17

but does it really helps out a woman to get pregnant? is it really a cure for problems of infertility?


aida - December 18

well somehow the answer for this is yes because as of those reflexology practitioners, they believe that massaging the feet in some certain places can removed the toxins of the body. the circulation can improve the endocrine system which regulates the production of hormone that can brought balance and all of these can promote the fertility.


erika - December 18

this is still related to stress. reflexology is known to have an ability to relieve the tension and promote regularity of sleep.


gretchen - December 18

and again this means that if you are able to sleep well, you will never get any stressed at all. still, reflexology can be a big help to cure the problem of infertility in a way that it helps out the problems which may lead us to get overly stressed.


bless - December 18

there is like a few official research to the impact on reflexology to fertility and some studies shows complimentary therapies that can hider the fertility, others are showing that this kind therapy helped them to get pregnant.


mandy - December 18

but of course, the research has still an unknown status for the impact of reflexology to directly conceive, it is still a possible thing that reflexology can indirectly help out the conception of a woman by means to reduce the stress and will give you the overall wellness to have the baby a growing place to be.



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