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20 Replies
leilani - November 27

hi guys, i would like you to share questions and concerns about birth control in this thread so we may share our thoughts on it.


patrice - November 27

ok let me start it first. i just want to know if it is true that woman will not get pregnant when she has her period and having sexual intercourse?


girl2woman - November 27

myth, myth and purely myth. this already have been studied and researched i don't think this happens quite well.


saishee - November 27

well i think in some cases it happens but not all the time of course it's so seldom.


hevia - November 27

you can still get pregnant even though you are having sex during your period. but honestly that is so gross!


-MP- - November 27

yes definitely so gross because the menstruation of the women serves as the dirt that comes out to us every month.


april - November 27

there are so many myths out there and in fact it is getting so many even if it is already proven a myth.


cassandra - November 27

false myths like woman cannot get pregnant when having it done in the hot tub or standing up. it is also funny that you can't get pregnant if you are the one who is on top.


ingrid - November 27

well that's a lot of myths going on out there... what about contraception, what are those methods of birth control?


lyndsay - November 27

i think there is no best method in birth control.


phyzea - November 27

i agree on that matter. birth control has always that positive and negative effects on it.


trista - November 27

exactly, some of it just works better than the other in preventing pregnancy.


agatha - November 27

but we should always put it in our mind that there are no birth control in the market that prevents the chance of pregnancy all the time, risks are always there.


tracy - November 27

birth control method may tend to fail and it will only be a successful one if you will use it correctly all the time. the only way that you will be sure of nothing getting pregnant is not having sex.


]]kelly[[ - November 27

but how about the condom? is it a reliable birth control?


Portia - November 27

here's my question to you all women out there. is it true that birth control methods helps out to protect HIV and the like? what kind of birth control?


eureka - November 27

well, not all of them can protect sexually transmitted disease infection. birth control pills and some other type, intraurine devices, injectables and the tubal ligation won't protect the person from having HIV or other STD.



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