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am i pregnant or not? pregnancy test, how soon?
12 Replies
desiree - November 11

i just want to know if i am pregnant or not. when is the best time to use pregnancy test?


Emily - November 11

what are you referring to in using a pregnancy test, urine test which is common or the blood test?


dianne - November 11

i think whether urine or blood test, the result can be accurate as long as you will do test properly.


lady - November 11

well, all of the pregnancy test is measuring the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin for the pregnancy hormone in your body.


deborah - November 11

but i know for sure this two types of test also differs from how it is and when they are going to detect.


sheena - November 11

it would be easier for you to use home pregnancy tests which is urine tests. this actually detects the amount of hcg in the urine but it would only take place if it reaches into a certain level.


wondergirl - November 11

it is because it is the most common way to use when you would want to know if you are pregnant or not. but on the other hand almost allo urine pregnancy tests gives you an accurate results if you would only test at around the time your menstruation would normally be due, this is about 2 weeks after you ovulate.


miStreSS - November 11

sometimes it would give you a false alarm like having a negative results and this includes for several reasons.


bless - November 11

exactly, it wouldn't be always as you expected or maybe you are afraid of. results is that you may not be pregnant or you may be ovulating later than you will thought.


femme1979 - November 11

sometimes when you have low hcg levels, which in some cases in small number of women are affected, this can affect the results of having pregnancy tests.


phoebe - November 11

you can have many retries if you are not confident enough for the first result. maybe 2-3 times would be enough.


jhellie - November 11

on the other hand, for just some additional info, blood test for pregnancy also measure hcg in your bloodstream and obviously, heheh not in urine of course. blood tests will measure much of smaller amounts of the hormone and that pregnancy can be detected earlier than the urine tests (usually for about 6-8 days after your ovulation).


claireeej - November 21

Hi! Ive had th implanon implant removed over a month ago now...had a period straight away(it was due) and havent had 1 since....about 39 days ago since last period...Ive done 2 pregnancy tests and both came back not pregnant ? What else can i do ??



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