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sandy - August 28

hi, i would really love to have a child on my own since i get married but unfortunately i have found out that i have an endometriosis. i always have this painful menstrual periods and every time my partner and i get into an intercourse, i feel pain around my pelvic. what shall i do?


patrice - August 28

hi sandy, that is one of those serious problems about fertility and mind you, it would actually affect by the time you would like to have your own child. your symptoms are clear enough to take it seriously. i suggest you would undergo surgery to remove abnormal tissues or unblock tubes, and of course don't forget to see a doctor.


zhiba - August 28

i have same problem with you too. did you ever get to the point that you got so irritated? i am going to a regular check-ups and the doctor told me to have surgery for removal of abnormal tissues. but i am scared getting into surgery, is there a natural solution out of it?


fayatollah - August 28

there is a way that you won't undergo surgery. one of these is taking up fertility drugs with artificial insemination. you can also try assisted reproductive technologies (ART) or worst, adoption. :( but just always give it a try there's no harm in trying.


ashley - September 3

hey sandy, could that be any of those complications, like feeling that it's like burning in your pelvic?


liza - September 3

carry on! surgery or having natural solution of getting rid of it makes the same outcome. the most important thing is to cure it as soon as you knew you have it.


lowella - September 9

Endometriosis is a serious problem. I've heard that this can't be cure. Only miracle does. But some says that it can be cure through Hormonal treatment, Surgery and Combined treatment.


loyd - September 10

Other symptoms of endometriosis this might help.
Low grade fevers
Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar)
Susceptibility to infections, allergies



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