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anyone have this kind of problem like mine?
8 Replies
Sharee - August 31

My doctor advised me to undergo surgery concerning my blocked fallopian tubes so i can get pregnant. I know that this would help us to bear a child and it would be a wish come true. Anyone of you had an experience like mine and got a very successful operation? Your stories gladly appreciated.


Emily - August 31

Is that what they called "Blocked fallopian tubes"? I've heard it several times and it's not so common fertility problems. Do you have any history about any leading causes that made your fallopian tubes blocked?


Portia - August 31

I have been gone through surgical operation for my blocked fallopian tube and greatfully after 2 long years from operation, i had my first child. Hey, Sharee, don't worry just pray for the success of your operation and it would be ok.


mercy - August 31

Went on through the same burden, this was such an exhausting problem of my fertility and haven't known it for so long `till I decided to have myself checked since there are no symptoms for this.


gretchen - August 31

My friend had this sexually transmitted disease infection before and having problem bearing a child. until later on, she found out that she had this blocked fallopian tube and the doctor said that it was one of the leading cause that had her that kind of fertility problem.


glenda - August 31

I am aware of the cause too, I've read it once in a blog. previous sterilization surgery and pelvic inflammatory disease are one of those leading causes too. i am just afraid that there are no symptoms for this. but in case you have those previous sickness mentioned above, better have yourself checked.


eureka - September 3

think of having a child after the operation... that would be something you look forward to.


beth - July 11

how's the surgery sharee? was it successful? did you get pregnant? how is it going? hope you can update us here.. my friend is scheduled for the same operation and i hope you can share some advice.


Sumita - July 11

Hi Sharee! How are you? Please update us here... I am too much curious about your health.



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