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9 Replies
KISHBELLE - December 17

what is aromatherapy? is it true that this will help getting pregnant?


haleigh - December 17

this is an alternative treatment that uses essential oils and those highly liquid that are concentrated and distilled from matter of natural plant.


chavie - December 17

this can help you improve your psychological and physical health and your whole being.


vernice_yu - December 17

this is actually practiced for a over a thousand years and it is said that this helps on so many things.


nimfa - December 17

therapeutic effects of aromatherapy can relieve stress and certain ailments because this is a good stimulant in the central of the nervous system.


matilda - December 17

if you are going to ask if aromatherapy can help in the process of getting pregnant, i am in doubt of its capacity to directly cure the problem of infertility. since there are no claims of evidence that this will help conceive, some other people trying this kind of therapy had experienced a good effect on fertility.


arci_mun - December 17

i got an info about this aromatheraphy which uses various kinds of flowers that are said to help the regulation of the menstrual cycle and enhance the hormonal balance. flowers like lavender, jasmine, chamomile and rose are certain different flowers used.


akiko - December 17

what could be the process you've done before you used it? did you happen to read the label carefully and understood how to used it?


akiko - December 17

well the effect of aromatherapy for those who are trying is that this treatment helps relieve tensions and anxiety and will keep you feel relax. sorry about my last post, i am reading something and i miss post it.


dianne - December 17

the benefits are no basis for a successful result done by aromatherapy but if you will only have that positive input that this really helps, then psychologically it will work for you.



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