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at my 40s and pregnant...
6 Replies
sad_mom - October 7

hi, i am 43 years old. 3 years ago, i've been pregnant with my eldest son and had so many problems dealt with during my pregnancy. it was really hard for me since i have this so many health complications and i am so worried to get sick or illed during my pregnancy period. now, i am 3 months pregnant again with my 2nd child. i am hoping not to have those complications anymore since it has been proven that when you get pregnant at 40s, it would be harder for you. could anyone share some thoughts about this. thanks in advance.


keisha - October 7

first, i would like to congratulate you for your first and hopefully the 2nd upcoming baby. i am glad you surpass the hardship in your first one and could be in a mixed feeling of worries and gladness in your second baby. but then again sad_mom, just bear in mind that everything will be ok if you will just be extra careful, go regularly to your physician, eat healthy foods, take some exercise like brisk walking and most above all, pray for the successful baby to come. good luck to you and keep your faith strong.


hevia - October 7

very inspiring keisha, that would be a perfect first reply to keep her at ease. you know sad_mom, yes it could not be as easy to conceive in your 40s. most of the doctors would say that you will have a very little chance to get pregnant. but in your case, right at this moment that you are already pregnant for 3 months, it must be really a gift. i would like to ask, did you ever normally conceived or you happened to use some fertility treatments? because if you haven't, you must be one lucky mom! :)


gretchen - October 7

it is ok to have a kid at your early 40s. it doesn't matter how old you are, what matters most is the health of your baby.


sylvia - October 7

that is right. even having baby in your late age, still there are advantages for that. it is more likely that you are financially secured enough and mature enough to grow a child of your own. older mothers make wiser parenting decisions and more likely to breastfeed and eat more healthy foods base on a recent study.


trista - October 7

that would be on the brighter side of it. there is also some cons in getting pregnant at an older age. normally it is harder for you to get pregnant. at worst, you are most likely prone in having a miscarriage baby or could have birth defects.


ladybug - June 21

i think there's nothing wrong getting pregnant at your 40's. when you are planning to conceive, the first thing you need to do is to prepare yourself - mentally, emotionally, and physically.



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