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Body Hair due to PCOS, Help?
3 Replies
lilmia1 - June 6


Over the past few months I have started to grow hair EVERYWHERE! It is really getting me down it is the 1st thing I worry about when I wake up and the last thing I worry about before I go to sleep. Last week i have been told i have PCOS my partner and i have been trying for a baby for more than 4 years, but its this recent hair growth whi9ch is really getting me down.

I have long (1 – 2 cm long) fine hairs on my bum, back, breasts, and darker hairs in between my breasts and all over my stomach. My stomach hairs are very long like pubic hair, and have what seems like lots of pubic hair around my anus! I also have very long 'peach fuzz' on my face a moustache and have noticed darker hairs starting to come out on the beard line and side burns. My arm hairs have also grown very long all the way up to my shoulders. I also have long hairs on my hands feet and toes.

I have looked and looked for products to permanently get rid of all this hair but have found nothing apart from laser which I just could never afford. I have a Fiancée who has never mentioned anything about probably because I keep my body covered and we have not made love for about 4 months! But he must notice the hair on my face. I keep asking him would he love me no matter what and he says he would.

Are there any other women out there with this problem of really long fine hairs all over the body? And will they just keep growing? Or will they eventually stop growing? I'm worried they are just going to keep growing and growing and im going to look like a man! I am already much hairier than my finance.


Nell - June 21


I know EXACTLY what you mean, sadly.

I also have PCOS and body hair gets me down massively. I have v dark hair so bleach my arms although haven't thought they were unusually long of course, wax my man tash, pluck any stray hairs on chin line. I use a hair removing cream on my bottom and pluck, wax and shave everything else :)
I think you should discuss option with your Dr as I'm sure there is medications are available that could help.

It got me down for a very long time, also hiding my body from my husband but he says it's only me that notices and bothers so... It was always my arms that bothered me as they're the most seen by other people but since I've been bleaching them you can hardly see it.

Good luck with everything :) x


bibby05 - April 10

Hello, I feel for you I really do. I have suffered from thick coarse hairs EVERYWHERE on my body since puberty (11/12 years old for me...) and having used every shaving/waxing/plucking product around I finally had to give in and got a course of electrolysis on my face and neck, I needed about 10 sessions, each costing about £150. I shave my arms & bikini area daily, my legs every other day & my hubby lovingly shaves the hairs on my back & beehind as often as I need him to....bless him!!
Please dont let this get you too down, there are ways to solve this and make you feel millions better, good luck xxx


BCVanzandt - May 5

Hi there girlie. im 23, going to be 24 in june, and have been dealing with this body hair for 5 to 6years (esp. on my neck which is DEVASTATING, also mustache(aint no big thang), stray hairs on my upper back, terrible around bell button, "happy trialish", inner and upper thighs ive learned recently is also PCOS symptom, breasts, chest... yeah the works) . its really hard to go through physically and emotionally, hang in there and keep your faith and hopes high. I unfortunately didnt know why it was happening in the beginning and spent over 1500 on laser hair removal. i know now that, because the hair is a SECONDARY problem to the syndrome I have, that is the reason that it did not fix or even to my belief help the problems at all.. you have to treat the underlying symptoms, i know if you have done some research you know what i mean. BUT as you can tell from the posts here, not everyone is the same. I am exhausted but I saw your post and had to reply. Hope that I helped if even just a little.



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