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can infertility be a common problem?
19 Replies
Elsa28 - June 2

Yeah Infertility is a common problem nowadays. It's really a pathetic situation which is so hard to deal with. Infertility takes a lot out of a woman. I was facing infertility due to cervix incompetence disease. I wasted 10 years in trying to conceive. I always wanted to give birth to baby and to be a mother. My husband was not agreed first with me to give birth by unnatural ways. Later, he too wanted babies badly. I was really happy. We tried IVF first but failed.Then, I decided to go for surrogacy. I wanted a baby and my husband supported me a lot. We went to the suggested clinic. We found our surrogate in the clinic. When she got pregnant the clinic provided us authority on baby. We are now blessed with a baby boy. I hope it would be helpful to others.


Cora044 - June 2

Hello! Hope you are doing good. Congratulations. I am glad to know that finally, you have completed your family. It is a great source of joy for parents. You choose the right way of surrogacy. It really helps. As a mother of a surrogate baby, I can understand how surrogacy is amazing. It is like a miracle. Nowadays it is a common way of getting a baby. So we should not lose hope. Life never ends with infertility or with the MC. Nowadays surrogacy is a common way of getting a baby. I would recommend all couples to try surrogacy who are facing problems. Thank you for sharing your story. Wishing you best of luck. Stay blessed


cindy - June 3

hey there! I hope you are doing great. I think infertility is a very big problem. a lot of couples are struggling with this. we should look for more solutions instead of just making it more complicated. surrogacy and IVF are great solutions to this problem. surrogacy is a blessing of science I went for it after miscarrying. I found it amazing and it really worked for me.


Jennaspence - June 5

This is true. Infertility is like a disease. It kills you slowly from inside. It makes you feel unworthy. You get into depression. Though I am glad there are solutions now. IVF helps you have a baby from your own womb. It is painful. Though it is worth giving a try. Surrogacy is a great way too. Though you miss on the opportunity of pregnancy. Still, you get to have a baby. It is worth giving a try again. I am glad you opted for it. Give my love to the baby.



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