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can yoga really help woman to get pregnant?
12 Replies
leslie - November 2

i am thinking of having yoga so that i would get pregnant coz i heard it through my friends about it. but do you ever think this would help?


cheska - November 2

hmm, never heard that before. but i know for sure that there are exercises that can help you get pregnant but not literally do some miracle for you.


aki - November 2

maybe, yes. it maybe not that magic just like cheska said but it can eventually reduce some stress level.


wondergirl - November 2

how could that be connected with stress? ah yea, it would not give you the angst to be unhealthy.


aki - November 2

stress definitely interfere for you to have a successful pregnancy. since yoga can make you calm it would improve your chances of getting pregnant.


wondergirl - November 2

oh i see, yah i heard some of those home exercises as well can calm you down and help you out to have successful pregnancy.


bless - November 2

you know girls, if you have took part of those stress-reduction programme for mind and body or say you go in a weekly group for some exercise hobby, you will most likely be healthy enough to get pregnant.


saishee - November 2

yes, when you are stressed out from your daily tasks especially in your work, you will surely have a hard time to get pregnant. that is why when you are a career woman and you plan out to conceive, it is better to lie a bit low for some time and concentrate in conceiving.


althea - November 2

why would stress be a hard enemy on getting pregnant?


agatha - November 2

if you are under stress, you brain most likely have a survival mode and ratchets of production of stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. this would slow down the production of reproductive hormones.


april - November 2

yes, eventually it will upset your ovulation that can lead to difficulty of getting pregnant. but of course if you get a little stress, that is normal, but when you are constantly stressed up, it is time for you to take a focus on it.


joy - November 2

well, there is no harm in deciding to try yoga for getting burned out your stress but choose the one that is gentle class like Hatha. it will calm your mind.


nimfa - November 2

you can also do it yoga together with your partner. have that bending and stretching with your mate so that both of you can have relaxation at the same time.



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