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cant get pregnant
7 Replies
ahayleya - November 17

i have been trying to have a baby for 3 years im now 23 nearly 24 i have been for every test possable and they have all come back normal. been told today that i am getting put forward for IUI but just feel like nothing is working the doctor is always scrathing his head and has told me he dont why so i have just lost faith with it all. I dont even know if writing this will help i just dont ever think it will happen now


tara-newbie - December 15

Don't think like that, I am 34 and tried for 5 years, I am now seeking help and I know I will fall pregnant, it is good that it is unexplaied fertility, that gives us more hope. My husband says we will try as long as we can and then if Don't lose heart you are so young, it has a long time to happen, relax and believe it will :) I understand how it feels. Tx


sue_ogden - December 22

Hi. I am 31 and have been trying for over a year now. I have been for blood test and the doctor too doesnt think there is anything wrong. I feel a faliure and cant understand why all my friends simply get pregnant and i cant... I feel time is now ticking on... I wish I was 23.. I am sure it will happen for you!


mandarella - December 26

I feel for you xxx


catb - January 7

hi all, im 29 nearly 30 and have been trying for 4 years now, Myself and my husband have both had all the tests that there is but all the test came back clear, sue I have felt how u are feeling but remain strong and it will happen, i am going for iui treatment this month which i am a bit nervous about but with the support of my husband and family i will get there. I think thing to do is stay calm, relaxed and over all positive x


ahayleya - February 15

thanks for all your messages, i found out the my sister was pregnant it broke my heart she has gone into labour today and i feel like crap still no joy for me still waiting to be put forward for IUI have to loss a bit of weight im not overweight dont understand it but im doing it because i will do anythink to become pregnant. i feel so low today i no one understand around me how hard it is becoming an Auntie when all i want is to be a mum. need somethink to start happening for me cant keep up living on the edge


catb - February 15

Hi Ahayleya
I understand how you feel, a lot of my friends gave birth last year, and i am an auntie to 6 girls and 2 boys, it is hard but you will get there, I started the iui last month and finished the 1st course of treatment last week so its now a waiting game, it is hard for a lot of people to no what you are going through, but you need to keep your chin up, you are still young. I was on the waiting list for the treatment for over a year. your bmi has to be below 35 which mine is but they have warned me to keep it down or they will stop treatment till i loose more weight.. Just keep thinking positive thoughts stay stong, things will happen but these things take time ...I know about that, xx


lisaroy1 - March 21

You are young now there is lot of time don't loose your Hope.



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