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chances are...
47 Replies
soraya - October 2

women nowadays are more prone to infertility problems... this happens double than before. factors including in the uterine and pelvic abnormalities are really quite serious after all.


mandy - October 2

aha... i know that this could cause by the changing environment we have and the lifestyle we live in.


hevia - October 2

that is more of a very concerning thing for women. there is also called as secondary infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and hostile cervical mucus. i really don't know what those things actually means.


keisha - October 2

secondary fertility? haven't heard that before. was it still having the connection of being infertile?


zyger - October 2

this things should be very important to understand that infertility either you are male of female.


chavie - October 2

a couple of factors are needed to know so you would be aware of. take chances to know your family history adonis. if a men in your family have infertility problems, then maybe you sort of getting that too.


xxladydreamxx - October 2

secondary infertility is just like primary infertility where you have the inability to conceive but this secondary infertility happens after having already a successful pregnancy/pregnancies before.


cheska - October 2

still no worries coz this is curable and can be treated.


gilda - October 2

what about having that abnormal uterine or in the pelvic area,

what is all about that?


cheska - October 2

when you have abnormal uterus, you can be infertile. you should take care of your uterus. this illness affected by uterine fibroids,poor endometrial lining called endometriosis. if you also have polycystic ovarian syndrome but somehow this can be treated and should require a close attention to from your physician who specializes in this area.


gilda - October 2

i see... it's good thing that being infertility still has the option to get treated. what about pelvic abnormalities?


cheska - October 2

this is another factor being infertile. this has something to do if you have problems with your anatomy with the vagina or cervix. it could be also when you have disease and blockage of your fallopian tubes, endometriosis and adhesions or having damage to the pelvic cavity.


Emily - October 2

yeah right, pelvic adhesions may result you to any kind of infections to your pelvis or abdomen.


spice - October 2

what is polycystic ovarian syndrome?


joy - October 2

it is another type of pelvic adhesion abnormality that develop without any prior symptoms and could only be discovered after female patient starts to struggle with fertility.


gretchen - October 2

could sound so frustrating though... one more on this infertility problem is when you have that blocked fallopian tubes or you could have scarring or damage in one or both fallopian tubes which makes one woman having difficulty in getting pregnant.


sandy - October 2

actually it is a tubal obstruction. an obstruction in the fallopian tube that prevents the egg from getting towards the uterus and this has a lot of causes.



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