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chances are...
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sandy - October 2

actually it is a tubal obstruction. an obstruction in the fallopian tube that prevents the egg from getting towards the uterus and this has a lot of causes.


fatima - October 2

i see... doesn't sounds familiar to me... but it is good thing you come to share it with us sandy. what could be the risks anyways?


sandy - October 2

no problem fatima. these are the conditions you might get of having tubal obstruction such as scarring from infection, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, adhesions or scar tissue from previous abdominal/pelvic surgeries and tubal ligation.


zhiba - October 2

ooohhh that is quite many as i thought. but what could be the possible treatment for this?


janina - October 2

there are couple of procedures that you can try to treat it. one of those is salpingectomy which is used when you have only one obstructed tube. the process is to remove or seal your damaged or blocked fallopian tube so that the function of your tube will be utilized.


sandy - October 2

in addition to that, you can also have recanalization where doctor passes a tiny wire or other apparatus through your uterus to remove the blockage. there is laparoscopy that is a surgical procedure in which a small incision is made to your abdome to reach the fallopian tube. this device is known as laparoscope that may help view the tubes and remove any obstructions.


betsy - October 2

very awful to hear... looks like it will scare me on that kind of procedures :(


mercy - October 2

endometriosis too is one of the infertility problems arising. this is common and affects over a million of women in US per year. this is a chronic type of disease that may cause your tissue to build up outside in your uterus. it actually causes you abdominal pain.


arlene - October 2

i kinda heard that a lot and yes it is common. but there are treatments aligned on that problem like hormonal medications that can hinder or slower the development of endometriosis...


april - October 7

you can treat it with a common prescription that is for endometriosis treatment called Gn-RH agonists. this happens to control estrogen production which contributes in the growth of endometrial tissue.


erika - October 7

what about those treatment that are going on a surgical process?


dianne - October 7

laproscopic surgery, diagnostic hysteroscopyand laparotomy microsurgery, but i am not quite sure about the details with that.


arlene - October 7

hostile cervical mucus to be added in your infertility problems.


trista - October 7

yep, you got it right! that can cause female factor infertility too.


sandy - October 7

it is said that your cervix produces watery mucus when you are having ovulation. kind of weird to hear that... if the cervical mucus is too sticky or viscous, it would not help sperm to pass through the cervix. this is called hostile cervical mucus that can also cause secondary infertility or the inability to get pregnant after having a previous successful pregnancies.


aida - October 7

that's too many of them to watch out for :( and it ain't funny at all. but then again, what could be the cause of this?



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