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chances are...
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aida - October 7

that's too many of them to watch out for :( and it ain't funny at all. but then again, what could be the cause of this?


we_women - October 7

when you have abnormal sperm or seminal fluid and an inadequate estrogen stimulation and cervical functioning that has something to do with infection or damage and could be that the mucus contains anti-sperm antibodies.


aida - October 7

could we prevent hostile cervical mucus?


sandy - October 7

of course you can. cervical mucus is important for woman who wants to get pregnant. you can take guaifenesin during your ovulation stage to reduce mucus' viscosity. guaifenesin is ingredient to some over-the-counter cough syrups that includes robitussin.


aida - October 7

i see, i hope it won't give any side effects in taking up guaifenesin.


deborah - October 7

girls, this is a confession. i do have an irregular ovulation after having a baby. this could be a threat for me in planning to have a baby again...


janice - October 7

oooh, how sad to hear that. did you ever go to the doctor for some checks?


viktoria - October 7

what could be the cause for that?


we_women - October 7

when there is an absent or sporadic release of an unfertilized egg in your ovaries; this could happen by hormonal changes that affects you. factors can include when you have premature menopause, undergone exercise or diet, excess luteinizing hormone, excessive production of prolactin, tumors, chemo, or some other infections.


deborah - October 7

are there symptoms for this? i know that you could have a symptom like amenorrhea but i am not actually particular of how it goes.


lowella - October 7

yes, you could have the primary amenorrhea which you would lack of first menstrual cycle, secondary amenorrhea that lacks mense after first menstruation.


we_women - October 7

correct! aside from that, after the primary and secondary, you can get polymenorrhea, that is more than one menstrual cycle within the expansion time of 26-day period. the last one, could be worst, hypomenorrhea that is significant in reduction of the length and volume of your menstrual period.


spice - October 7

stages are coming up too fast sometimes. about 40% of infertile women are having an ovulatory problem.


maya - October 8

that is way too fast. on the contrary there are also drugs that are useful enough to help infertility problems.


harlem - October 8

yes there is. it actually helps a lot. i heard that IUD can cause infertility. i don't have any idea about it.


ashley - October 8

it has been said that if you are engaging in sex and you have that device, you would likely develop infection. it eventually lead to infertility, yes it is. but it really doesn't cause or lead to the disease. physicians would have recommend couples in long term to use iud. this helps to lower the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.



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