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12 Replies
claireyttc - February 1

Hi All. Just started a cycle after taking provera (have pcos). Due to start clomid on wed (3 Feb), 50mg. Anyone in a smiliar position?


xbeccax1984x - February 10

yes im on clomid started on the 29th jan just been 2 my scans n ive gt one folilte dnt no how u spell it lol its 18mm n my womb lining is gud so nurse said=) i was on clomid last year it never worked so had ovarain drilling last june n was put on metform 4 3mths n lost nearly 4 stone!!so my bmi is 25 nw woop woop lol gud luck xxx


waleeze - February 11

I've just finished taking provera and awaiting my period (been 5 days so far) I'm also due to start taking clomid on my day 2 of period but what do I do if I don't get a period? And also the side effects with provera have been extreme! Has anyone elses?


xbeccax1984x - February 11

hi i bleed on my own now after the weightloss but when i was on clomid b4 i had 2 have provera and i get a period bout a week later i neva really had side effects apart from bein moody lol x


waleeze - February 11

Do I still take my clomid if I don't get my period?


xbeccax1984x - February 11

no u have 2 have a period.


waleeze - February 15

i started taking my clomid on fri (12th) and so far i feel fine, my mom had to take these when she was trying for me and she had an out of body experience on them, im praying that dont happen to me! so ill be going for my blood text on the 4th march which will tell me if they've worked and wether or not im ovulating! yay


xbeccax1984x - February 16

gud luck huh !u not gettin scanned then?x


waleeze - February 17

no, not that i know of, ive just got to go for a blood test on the 4th to see if ive ovulated x


xbeccax1984x - February 17

oh rite i neva had blood test done just was bein scanned where bouts u live ?x


waleeze - February 18

i live in birmingham


xbeccax1984x - February 18

i go 2 good hope hospital in sutton coldfield wat hosp u at ?and how r the side ffets ok i hpe =)xx


rufiomonkey - March 16

hi claireyttc i have today started my first course of clomid 50mg. excited nervous and frustrated! i have pcos but has improved alot recently hope clomid works for both of us!



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