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diabetes on pregnancy
35 Replies
liza - December 20

not only miscarriage pregnancy, you may even develop pre-eclampsia later in the stage of pregnancy.


trista - December 20

case like those babies with diabetic mothers happens to born with complications. study shows that this is because of blood glucose levels that the diabetic mothers have.


lowella - December 20

of course whatever that is already too much can be dangerous. having a glucose level that is already not on the normal range may tend to fluctuate a lot.


cassandra - December 20

there are also research that birth defects quite twice as rampant to diabetic pregnancies with comparison to general population.


phyzea - December 20

one of my friends is diabetic and she had a successful pregnancy but the thing is, her baby has heart problems and it was actually due to the fact that she is diabetic.


we_women - December 20

sometimes even if you are no longer exposed to the chemicals for some time, still the exposure you had before bothers you. so might as well, talk to your doctor.


ingrid - December 20

that is why it is not good at all to put pregnancy at risk just because you are wanting it already. but what if this can be the reason for your baby to suffer, then it is still not a good thing.


elayza - December 20

one thing you can do if you are pregnant and you have diabetes is to have your baby a heart monitoring to know his/her situation.


maya - December 20

let's say, accidentally you get pregnant and you have diabetes, you should get yourself an extra ultrasound scan for an advance way to know the condition of your baby.


arlene - December 20

i suggest you and even doctors will do this suggestion that you should need to control a lot with regards to your blood glucose level when you are pregnant especially in the first 7 weeks to avoid defects on the heart, central nervous system and kidney of your developing baby.


janina - December 20

was it like controlling it during pregnancy? i think it is best to control your blood glucose level particularly before conceiving and double the effort during pregnancy.


abigail - December 20

if you aren't sure of what to do, seek and advice before getting pregnant.


icah - December 20

sometimes the treatment that you have to use in controlling your diabetes before conceiving is recommended to be changed.


chavie - December 20

you will only have a small chance of having birth defects if you would only get help right away.


spice - December 20

you can take folic acid supplement while trying to conceive to help prevent occurring problems to your baby that can caused by spinal column not to close properly like spina bifida.


brandy - December 20

folic acid is really important for babies and for mums that are conceiving.



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