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different positions...
19 Replies
vernice_yu - December 16

is true that having different sexual positions can help you to conceive fast?


abigail - December 16

this is quite an interesting question and some aren't just as open as to share their experience.


imah'diva - December 16

well, honestly i don't believe on this but there are a couple of testimonies saying that they had a successful pregnancy.


sad_mom - December 17

honestly, there are no official research about this way of baby making but the fact that this is commonly accepted like missionary position which is one of the best among positions for conceiving. so, i guess it works but it doesn't work on all of the couples out there.


keisha - December 17

there are also positions that allows a deep penetration like on all fours and the lying down spooning.


coffee&me - December 17

yes, however these are theoretically best for sperm as said is to be placed on the right by the cervix.


dorothy - December 17

i kind of think sexual positions are weird for couples to practice.


big``GIRL - December 17

weirder than it seems and yet a lot of couples are trying their luck on this.


SUNSHINE - December 17

the upright position is also one way too. this is when the girl is on the top or standing up but aren't just as effective.


nimfa - December 17

standing up? if i'll visualize the position, i don't think this can get any comfortable for the couples.


elayza - December 17

some say that couples should avoid using lubricants because these can impair the sperm's movement or might affect the hostility of your cervical fluid.


she_IS - December 17

well there are so many things to keep in mind, to avoid, to do, and all that. just like the belief that it is effective when you are lying with your hips raised on a pillow upwards or having our legs in the air for about 20-30 minutes after having sex.


miStreSS - December 17

what is the chance when you this method? i've heard this with my friend but haven't got the chance to ask what is the progress on this.


she_IS - December 17

this increases the chances of conceiving by giving off gravity a helping hand.


femme1979 - December 17

this is not bad at all to practice unless if the doctor advised you not to do so for some of those medical reasons.


jhellie - December 17

i guess for me the effective way is to have a regular sex throughout the cycle which is 2-3 times a week especially by the time that you are fertile.


may0311 - December 17

agree on you jhellie. of course don't forget in using fertility charting methods that will help you to sort out when you are most likely fertile.



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