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doing it the second time around
19 Replies
Cleoffel - December 18

greetings to all! i am married living with a contented and happy family with me and we already have a child. just last year when we had decided to have another baby and to our dismay, there is no success in any way that we do and it is almost a year now. i guess it is not really an issue of fertility, because we already have a child. what do you think?


mademoiselle - December 18

sometimes, couples tend to have problems when it comes to their second try and this is not new.


jackie - December 18

about 20% of the couples out there suffer to what they called second infertility so most probably you are not alone with this kind of situation.


cheska - December 18

this could be hard for you believing that everything will be just as simple as the first one you had. but mind you, sometimes, things tend to change due to a lot of factors.


harlem - December 18

and you may even ask yourself why is this happening to you. the answers aren't clear as what you wanted to see but the numerous possibilities are there.


saishee - December 18

if second pregnancy gives you a hard time, then you should undergo some complex investigations and numbers of treatment that you should need to.


mercy - December 18

ask some help with you GP, it is important to be informed on this issue.


balsy - December 18

somehow age can be one cause of having secondary infertility. maybe you are in your late 30s-40s and with this the chance to conceive will slow down.


eureka - December 18

you're right. cleoffel, consider your age. you should also take note that you may have already a damaged fallopian tube. this occurs when you get a couple of complications during your first pregnancy or by the time of the delivery.


sylvia - December 18

it may cause pelvic infection too which lead to blockage of the fallopian tubes and that it reduce the chance of the egg to be fertilized.


sharinah - December 18

if you have been gaining weight since your first pregnancy, this one's a tough reason why you are having hard time with the 2nd one. the weight is significant in conceiving. this will interfer your ovulation and will cause imbalances of your hormones.


chevy30 - December 18

chances are, you need to go on diet. a research even shows that even if you had a little lost of weight this can improve the chance of conceiving.


yen - December 18

in some cases, the problem is not with you. maybe, just maybe your partner is having trouble with his sperm count.


hailey - December 18

yes men can be a victim of infertility too. they will get low sperm count especially when they had chronic illnesses like high blood pressure or diabetes.


brienna - December 18

but others with this kind of situations says that even if they already went on several tests, it doesn't shows any cause of having secondary infertility.


abigail - December 18

while you can't just dig in to the truth of what's going on with you, it all adds up to the condition of wanting to have a baby.


viktoria - December 18

by the way, did you consult your situation? i guess you haven't yet because you already experienced to have a baby. not like those first timer parents who are an issue of trying.



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