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Dr nagging me to go on coil when i clearly said no!
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AuraTodd - March 13

Hi I have borderline learning difficulties and have been taking Carazette before Christmas without any problems and it has stopped my periods which were originally driving me round the bend, but I do get the occasional breakthrough bleeding. I was on Femodene but I was taken off that because of my age. I wanted to go onto Carazette because my Dr at my surgery kept harping on about the implant and also the coil which I have no interest in at all. I went round my family planning because I was fed up with all the brow beating that I got from my Dr about the damned coil blah de blah!

They were happy put me on Carazette as a test and it was great that someone was actually (believe it or not) listening to me and not trying to talk across me which really winds me up (didn’t yur mother tell you it’s rude to interrupt!) and I have never looked back since.

I recently had an appointment where I was sleeping badly and the Dr asked me if I was taking any medication. I’m not going to lie (perhaps I should have done on this occasion) so I admitted I was on Carazette. What a mistake! I was ordered to see another Dr in the clinic who says she deals with concentrative issues. First she said Carazette doesn’t last and your body goes back to normal, and then when I thought we had cleared it up about what I DON’T want, she starts banging on about the implant and YES the stupid coil again. I am said I am not interested and she said the government are pushing women to have the coil. If the government said we all had to set ourselves on fire and jump off Beachy Head, we’d all probably be expected to do that!! (be like something from that movie ‘the Happening‘)

I’m fed up to the back teeth of saying I don’t want the coil, it don’t work for all woman as my friend can vouch for. She had it because of her periods and they got heavier. Interfered with her sex life and had to have it cut out because the stupid thing had embedded itself and they couldn’t get it out again. She was at the same surgery and went elsewhere after that.

I’m sorry to get on my high horse, I have had more understanding from a family planning clinic then at my own surgery!! Can you advise me what I should do please? Should I change surgery’s? Many thanks for reading this post.



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