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drinking tea to get pregnant
14 Replies
vivian - November 27

i would like to know if drinking tea would really help me get pregnant. is it really true and reliable.


felicia - November 27

i've heard that one too and even one of my friends are trying the luck out of green tea.


zaida - November 27

was is specifically green tea only? are there any other types of the tea that would help out?


eureka - November 27

the research shows about drinking green tea that there has been a little effects of cases that green tea can help with the fertility.


ashley - November 27

but they said that there are compounds found in green tea called polyphenols that can help in conceiving.


balsy - November 27

but the experts only believe that those chemicals only act as antioxidants and that it doesn't have something to do with conceiving.


nimfa - November 27

yes agree on that. those substances only protect the cells of the body to prevent damage that may lead to diseases, or worst cancer.


aida - November 27

until now there are still studying about how really green tea play a part in conception.


leslie - November 27

i can't seem to understand if it's really true that it really helps out. but green tea known to contain caffeine and tannic acid which had made a link that this cause fertility problems.


sylvia - November 27

this would even increased of miscarriage risk when you are drinking it in large amount.


viktoria - November 27

that is why it is really best for us to minimized our intake of caffeine especially when we are planning to get pregnant.


maya - November 27

there is a study says that a number of neural defects in the tube of babies, such as spina bifida is an effect of those women drinking a large amount of green tea during conception.


sad_mom - November 27

yes a harsh one. spina bifida is a very serious condition that occurs in the tube around in the central of the nervous system.


zhiba - November 27

i know that spina bifida is associated normally with having a folic acid deficiency.


joy - November 27

but i would like to say guys that still we don't have to assume that by avoiding green tea, it will help us out reduce the risk of neural tube defects. some very reliable search is still a must need for us to know.



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