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effect of laptop's heat
12 Replies
johan - December 18

is it true that the heat from the laptop will affect the fertility of a man?


grethchen - December 18

i've heard one that too and i think maybe there are basis on this.


tracy - December 18

yes, it could be a study shows that exposure of your scrotum considering that it is located outside of your body can be very much vulnerable to the external heat not like woman's ovaries that is not located externally.


hyacinth - December 18

meaning to say woman can't get affected by the heat of the laptop?


erika - December 18

woman can still be affected, somehow it is not as worst as to what can laptop heat do to a man's.


maegan - December 18

research entails that the increase of temperature on the scrotum can linked to have a poor quality of sperm.


matilda - December 18

that is why experts have been advising those men who are most likely to have this kind of problem to avoid the use of electric blankets, heated waterbeds, tight underwear and even jacuzzis.


elijah - December 18

these should be extremely avoided because it generates an extra heat that will surrounds the testicles.


tanya - December 18

there have been studies made about those men who works on with their laptops on the laps for about an hour will definitely increase the scrotal temperature for about 2.1 degrees.


gretchen - December 18

worst, the production of healthy sperm will somehow destroyed.


phoebe - December 18

no actual evidence on this and still researchers are on having an ongoing investigation about this.


dianne - December 18

yes it could be that this has no evident basis, but then again if you are in the phase of your life where you are trying, it better to play safe than to blame for future consequences.


charlotte - December 18

maybe just get some desktop instead. just use laptops when it is really needed like going out of town.



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