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Endless tests
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kelsey - February 16

Since i was 14 i had constant menstrual bleeding at 16 i was put on serveral contraceptive medication to regulate or stop the bleeding. On top of the bleeding was low abdominal pain. At 17 i was put onto Noresthisterone hormone tablets this stopped my bleeding finally. Unforunately this did not give a cause for the blood or the pain.
Due to the side affects of the northethisterone a normal IUD was inserted to replace the norethiterone unfortunately only weeks after this was inserted the blood came back.
My gynaecologist decided another internal ultrasound was needed where poly cystic ovaries where found and also a suspected polyp. Although the ovaries were cystic i was told not to be convinced that i necesserily had the syndrome.
Around 9months after the ultrasoun i went in for a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. Nothing was found. The mirena coil was inserted and i have no bled since. Throughout i have had excess discharge and abdominal swelling, pain during sex and daily immobilising pain in my lower abdomen. I am still under investigation and 2 weeks ago was admitted into hospital with crippling pains finally after tests it was assumed it was a burst ovaria cyst, i had more ultasouns where a poly again in the same place was shown, swollen/enlarged ovaries and cystic ovaries. I also had an MRI with no current results. I have had quarterly swabs done with only yeast and strep b ever coming back on the last. The gynae would not test my hormone levels to detect for PCOS i have just recieved results as my GP done it on my request where a level of satisfactory on the hormones but would be strongly advised to retest during my period. But i do not have a period so this does not apply. Endometriosis is another condition has been mentioned but nothing has ever been confirmed. I am on constant pain killers, in constant pain ive had enough. No one will give me any answers or treat anything! I have just turned 20 and spend most nights lying down crippled in pain. Has anyone else suffered any similar symptoms or have any advice for someone who is at the end of the line. Obviously there is the fertility issues but i am not even thinking about that till i get the day to day pain under control, a normal sex life and in general a happier me.



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