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endometriosis issues... ugh...
26 Replies
elayza - September 17

having so much in my mind lately about this fertility matters... read an article about endometriosis. i gotta be sure first if i have one. but still would like to have your insights about this.


lowella - September 17

experiences from others who has this kind of problem is nice to know too so we can gain learning from this aside from what the doctor would tell us when having a check-up


bless - September 17

hmmm... well we couldn't just ignore this one. was this about a part of your endometrium?


girl2woman - September 17

yes it is, this is when tissues are growing from the outside of your uterus that happens to be your reproductive organs such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes,could be the intestines the rectum or bladder that will create a condition called endometriosis.


althea - September 17

sounds so scary. i don't like how it actually seems to be so complicated coz it really sounds that way.


trista - September 17

i thought that this is when you constantly bleed during menstruation wherein it develops in your uterine lining.


girl2woman - September 17

i guess so, yeah it is... aha, when your monthly period doesn't normally flow and that it would flow backward into your abdominal cavity and implants there this would lead in this kind of situation.


viktoria - September 17

certainly it is... just got some points too that cysts, lesions and scar tissue could cause the surrounding area to thicken.


janice - September 17

i would say it's really worst. this could happen to anybody and i know for a fact that some women would have discomfort or would rather have a bit of it from having endometriosis.


shasha - September 17

aha you got it right... but some of those others jan, are in very much great pain when having their menstrual before or during their period.


rafaela - September 17

what could be the doctor's evaluation for this?


lyndsay - September 17

they are actually using a point system that would based on the number and size of the growths found during a laparoscopy.


nerissa - September 17

laparoscopy? what is that? whew, it sounds scary...


lyndsay - September 17

well dear, laparoscopy is a minor surgical procedure used to view the internal organs. laparoscopy have four classifications which are minimal, mild, moderate and severe.


tracy - September 17

i gotta be sure if i have those kind of illness. there are so many problems regarding fertility that makes women worried so much to get married. this one makes a bit worst to know.


claudia - September 18

exactly, normally we can't identify this kind of issue right away because of some sorts of busy lifestyle that we women are being focused of. it's just sad that symptoms are hardly to identified and only been noticed when we had a chance for check-ups or rather already planning to have a kid.


ingrid - September 18

how are we able to have this kind of fertility issue? why do we get this kind of illness?



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