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endometriosis issues... ugh...
26 Replies
ingrid - September 18

how are we able to have this kind of fertility issue? why do we get this kind of illness?


maya - September 18

of those experts who have this case studied, they said that 25-35 percent of women have been affected by endometriosis alone in US and about a million of women around the world.


keisha - September 18

most cases of this just like my friend have been to the doctor and said to be that there are no sure explanation why they get this kind of condition.


maya - September 18

some of the experts suggest that during your menstruation, endometrial tissue back up on through the fallopian tube and settles and grows in the abdomen.


Portia - September 18

yea, agree on that. but others would believe that in most cases this affect the immune system destroys the abnormal tissue before it attaches in the abdomen. this is the time that endometriosis develops gradually


eureka - September 18

i think that there's a theory about this kind of condition wherein remnants of a woman's embryonic tissue formed while she was in her mother's womb that may develop into endometriosis during the adulthood stage. or could be this will transform into tissue of the uterine lining.


agatha - September 18

hey guys, just a quick question here. are there any symptoms of having this kind of issue?


sylvia - September 18

well, i do know this has no symptoms according to some of those women who have undergone this kind of problem. but for others, there are signs on this that could be mild or severe such as: painful menstrual cramps, pelvic back or side pain before the period, difficulty in getting pregnant, painful bowel movements, diarrhea or other intestinal upsets during your period, painful and frequent urination during menstruation and painful sexual intercourse.


agatha - September 18

i see, thanks for the info sylvia... that's a big help and gladly appreciated it!


smcwales - October 24

Endometriosis is a very complicated disease and is different for every woman that has it. I was diagnosed July 08 and for approx 6-8 years before was having SEVERE pain. Some women have no symptons others have every sympton plus other illnesses to go with endo such as IC and CFS. Since surgery I had a 6 month course of injections to put me through temporary menopause and now since March I have not had any more treatment and was hoping to fall pregnant which so far has not happened. I feel for any woman with this disease or any other disease that causes infertility. If you have any questions about endo then please feel free to ask me x


sandy - October 25

gladly appreciated your participation here wales... thank you for sharing your story, it would help a lot to open up things like this educationally...



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