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Fibroids and Pregnancy
5 Replies
rachel40 - August 8

I had a stillbirth in March my son died at 30wks it was a devastating blow to myself and partner....I was 40 in June and it was our first...I was told at the first scan I have fibroids which didnt kill my son..the PM revealed nothing I was healthy and there was nothing wrong with him.

I have now learnt that I have another fibroid in my womb and getting pregnant may be a problem...has anybody got pregnant later on with fibroids please advise????


maya - August 28

that sounds so complicated because having a fibroid is not a natural state. getting pregnant with fibroids does not normally cause a problem. it is only getting a bit concern when fibroids could grow larger during pregnancy and would definitely affect the unborn baby. but for some who have it during pregnancy, fibroids can actually shrink during pregnancy, but in most cases will stay the same size. common problem occur is when the mother-to-be would have discomfort such as feelings of pressure or heaviness in the abdominal area as fibroids press on nearby structures as the womb enlarges. you will also experience sharp pain in the lower back or legs and for some with fibroids is red degeneration and can cause severe pain during the middle trimester. that is why it is still best to go your doctor before planning to have baby. but incase you are already pregnant, extra precautionary methods should be applied.


mandy - September 2

does this has something to do with being in your early 40's? and to know that you have fibroids, that is some kind of a bad news :( it's good thing that your haven't got any infection or the alike.


arlene - September 10

many women don't know they have fibroids. and the common symptom of fibroids is heavy menstrual bleeding. other symptoms include abdominal pain or pressure, changes in bladder and bowel patterns and, in some cases, infertility.


rachel40 - September 10

Is there any medical treatment on fibroids? Does anyone here do have same problem as me? I need an advice.


ingrid - September 10

is it your first baby? how sad it is.. how was you and your partner anyway?



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