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Fibroids and Pregnancy
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precious72 - November 14

Hi, I am 38 years old and have 7 fibroids which vary in location and size. Six are on outside my Uterus and are between 2cm by 3 cm to the largest of 6cm by 12 cm. I have been experiencing a lot of pain and embarassing side effect of incontinence, where I literally have to run to the loo to avoid wetting myself.

I have been in a relationship since July and we were practising safe sex until the weekend of 9, 10, 11 and 12th October, when we decided to go ahead without protection.

I was given a depo injection (to shrink the fibroids) in June and had not had any period since. My stomach had shrunk down and I was able to get into a size 10-12 again after over a year.

Anyway, on 20th October I had light brown spotting. I used a tampon as I thougtht I was having a period for first time in months. The following morning when I removed the tampon it was satrurated in light pink water. Then stopped completely, with a light brown spotting. My period used to be very heavy and went on for at least 6 days sometimes 8. Even from age 14 I have had heavy period. Since, I hadn't had any cycle for months I expected to be very heavy.

I took a pregnancy test a week later but it came back negative. I took 2 more, also negative. Then on Thursday I took a final test,as I was booked in at hospital to have a Hysteroscopy performed. This test developed a faint blue second line to form a cross. I took the test to the hospital with me and showed the gynaecologist, who agreed it was a positive. The lines hadn't faded in any way, plus the control window showed the test was working.

I was sent for a blood test and telephoned the next day to speak to the maternity ward for confirmation. I was told that the test was negative.

I've heard of false positive tests before and read on other sites that this is because of a grey evaporation line being present. But, the test I did had a clear cross in blue, the vertical positive being slightly lighter than the horizontal line.

My question is...How can I have a positive HPT, but Negative Blood Test?

Can Fibroids feed on all hormones secreted by the human female body? They feed on Oestrogen and Progesterone!!!!

And can fibroids affect blood tests? I am aenemic as a result of the fibroids and I've had blood donations rejected by The Blood Service.


precious72 - November 14

I have also been experiencing bloating, nausea (when changing cat litter or cooking), sickness, my nose is blocked, tiredness, slight weight gain, headaches, cramps and all that can be described as gas!!



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