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folic acid for pregnancy...
10 Replies
catie - November 2

what could be the right amount to take folic acid when trying to conceive?


dorothy - November 2

it is always the right thing to do to take up folic acid when you like to get pregnant or beforehand. nutrients like vitamins B will reduce the risk of neural tube defects like spina bifida while your baby is developing.


catie - November 2

what is spina bifida? how can that affect in the development of my baby?


dorothy - November 2

it is a serious congenital condition that occurs in the tube of around the nervous system that will fail to close completely.


big``GIRL - November 2

that is quite dangerous for developing babies and it is not funny at all if you're baby would have to get that kind of infection.


miStreSS - November 2

that is why when you are pregnant, you have to have folic acid most especially in the early weeks of your conception when the body of your baby is still forming.


she_IS - November 2

it is recommended by the Department of Health to take up 400 (mcg) microgram supplement of folic acid everyday from the moment of conception right until the 12th week of your pregnancy.


catie - November 2

i see, but what if i am not yet pregnant?


soraya - November 2

if you are not yet pregnant, you can buy it just ask for the pharmacist for some advice on what supplements to contain the right amount.


althea - November 2

when you have a history of having a baby with neural tube defect or into drug therapy for having epilepsy, you should take up a higher dosage of about 5 milligrams (mg) everyday and don't forget to GP for some advice before planning to become pregnant again.


spice - November 2

when you take supplement, they said that you are also increasing the amount of your folates in your diet. you better eat foods that are rich in folate, those that are dark green leafy vegetables and fruits especially citrus.



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