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HARD times for me...
32 Replies
]]kelly[[ - December 16

hehe, chill, chill... one more thing lacey, guess you are feeling angry and frustrate because of the situation you are going through, but, do not feel it! the tension is adding up to the stress and never get angry or showing the feeling of frustration to your partner, it can never do any good at all.


viktoria - December 16

yes, you got it right girl. you should not anticipate your partner's feeling because he may just have the feeling of being upset secretly and that he just don't want to show it off so you won't get offended. i know he is doing the right thing because we, girls are really sensitive in all matters and adding up to that feeling will only give us the thought of letting things go. disappointment is there whether you hide it or not, it's just that some of us tend to vent our feelings while others are hiding in their own thing.


felicia - December 16

guys never been to be so expressive with how they feel and you should not psycho-analyze them since they are vulnerable in the matter. instead of nagging the emotions to your partner, why don't you just share the loads you are going through?


mandy - December 16

on the contrary, do not try to isolate yourself with the current situation, it will never make any sense at all. think positively even if you feel like you are left behind when your friends have children or some are pregnant that surrounds you, well, it is not your moment yet. be POSITIVE, do the most positive thing you can do.


marci - December 16

aha, share your feeling and thoughts about your situation or say, talk to your partner, parents, relatives or friends that are close to you and you are comfortable to talk to.


Portia - December 16

sometimes the easiest way to share your experience is to talk to those who are with your same situation as this will lighten up your mind and you guys will provide a whole level of support with each other.


spice - December 16

correct!!! you can browse on forums, or chat rooms which are great places to vent on because of the most anonymity that they give you the freedom to say whatever is in your mind.


sheena - December 16

why don't you take a little break? don't overstressed yourself from charting your fertility or pinpointing your ovulation, this will only put you and your partner in a stress.


althea - December 16

yup, heard that one! experts somehow recommend to just simply focus on having the regular sex throughout the cycle rather than monitoring fertility rigorously.


dianne - December 16

taking a break is a good idea! don't you know that this will help out bring back the zing in your sex life and to help you and your partner relax.


spice - December 17

wow, i guess lacey will somehow follow the methods and steps you guys jotted down here. she will surely be glad with your inputs. :)


cassandra - December 17

on addition to that, never set goals as to when you would want to have a baby because you can just have the hold on mother nature's plans. enjoy, enjoy, enjoy baby-making.


deborah - December 17

keep busy! cheer up! sounds like nuts but it is true. this could be the most best way to cope up your frustration with conceiving. keeping yourself busy will give you the freedom to enjoy and not by putting your life on hold and keep focusing to get pregnant. you may never know you already missed a couple of chances to have vacations and holidays just because you are so tied up in your goal.


bless - December 17

it is also an advantage to enjoy a couple of time, give yourself some time to have fun like having a romantic dinner with your partner outside and spend some quality time as a couple that will somehow help the baby making process to become a whole lot of more enjoyable for the both of you.


daisy - December 17

uhm totally agree :). family events or special occasions and gatherings can be so irritating too especially when a lot of people asking you about having a baby. the thing is, you don't need to show that you are affected and you shouldn't be. in situations like this remember that it doesn't make you any less of a person with your status, and you can even tell them that, "as of the moment, we are still having some fun practicing" and this will help to put silence of the upsetting enquirers.


the_women - December 17

great advice! i guess that probably is the best option above all is to keep yourself informed. i suggest you to read a lot of pregnancy related books, go for some research over the internet and communicate with those people on their success stories from having been into your situation like yours before.



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