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having problem not to get pregnant...
19 Replies
akiko - November 11

i am really worried of not getting pregnant because i am underweight and heard a lot of speculations that it would be harder to conceive. is it true?


may0311 - November 11

how underweight are you? are you very skinny like almost you don't have fats in your body? yes, it would vary on how thin you are but of some cases, you can still get pregnant.


catie - November 11

yes, not necessarily you will not get pregnant or would be impossible. it will still depends on your menstrual cycle if it is normal.


she_IS - November 11

if you have been having your menstruation every 28 days or the alike, your weight will not interfere with your ovulation process and it will not affect the chances of conceiving.


heidi - November 11

guess if you are really thin then it would be harder than having normal body weight. if you have atleast a 22% of body fat to take that normal ovulation. it is because fat comprises with the 28% of body weight in a normal woman of adult years.


SUNSHINE - November 11

when you are over-exercised and you could have little amount of body fat, it will definitely affect your ovulation or your regular menstruation.


icah - November 11

that is really something, say if you really want to get pregnant. you must see to it that you body level is healthy and not on risk to have a baby.


soraya - November 11

i think that when you eat plenty of healthy food and get some healthy lifestyle that will suffice of having an underweight body.


viktoria - November 11

if you have low body fat, this will disrupts the flow of your hormones that are in the brain going to the pituitary gland.


lowella - November 11

meaning to say it would have been a hard time to send signal from your pituitary gland to send the message to your ovaries to release an egg.


hyacinth - November 11

definitely having plenty of eggs is not a guarantee to be able to conceive because releasing them is not happening.


elayza - November 11

i guess it is normal to women nowadays to have trouble in getting pregnant because most of us today are constant dieters and it happens that we tend to keep our weight lower not seeing to it that it isn't healthy anymore.


nimfa - November 11

yes you are right and it goes to a certain eating disorders like anorexia nervosa that gets you really underweight.


trista - November 11

well if you are dieting or exercising too much, it is still better to that you are to consider the ideal weight and height for you current body levels.


shasha - November 11

somehow, 15% of the ideal body weight you have will lose and you will experience some irregularities in the beginning of your menstrual cycle.


abigail - November 11

yes that is right, as i have also read it in an article that if you will probably lose 30% of normal body fat then your menstrual cycle will might be stop altogether.


cheska - November 11

if you are most likely to have that intention to get pregnant, i suggest you would seek a professional advice about your weight. the doctor will definitely advice or suggest you to lay low a bit with having some exercise or workouts and would take more of the calories to be able to increase your body fat.



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