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Purpleflowers - October 8

Just wondering if anyone has any advice....
I went on the pill at 16 as i never had a period on my own.. Then a year ago we decided to come off the pill an try for a baby, however, after 1 period ive not had one since!
Also as i had a low pelvic pain my Gynae Doctor sent me for an ultrasound in which they told me I had PCOS..
They gave me some tablets to give me a false period so i could have blood test on days 3-5 and day 21..
Apparantly u have to be at level 29 to have ovulated an mine came back at 1.4!!!!!!! Scary!!
I am now due to go in hospital on Monday for a laparoscopy an die test....
Things arent looking to good at the minute an im wondering have any of u got any tips or thoughts???


balsy - October 8

your post seems to be so confusing and not understandable at all... but hmmm, i really don't get your point. you said you have been taking up pills since you were 16, am i right? i just can jive in as to what you've said that you have no period of my own... hmmm really confusing.


keisha - October 8

hi there, yes it was really confusing hehe... you know what, you better find another physician, the one who is expert on this matter and not just those average gyne who would only do some checks. your case is somewhat, as for my understanding a little serious.


purpleflowers - October 10

Sorry to confuse you, i will try again....
I went on the pill as i never actually started my periods... Then a year ago i came off the pill an only had 1 further period, therefore, i havent had another period for a whole year!!!
I have had several tests which have diagnosed me with PCOS, however, i was wondering if anybody has the same symptoms as me as mine seem to be a bit more serious than what im reading up on!!

Thanks for your comments, im just a little confused about what is happening!!!

In hospital on Monday for a Laparoscopy where they say they will be able to tell me more...



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