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12 Replies
aicel - October 12

i am curious if whether it could be a major cause that having a high protein diet may affect my chance of getting pregnant...


Portia - October 12

i don't think so, maybe in some cases it could be true. but it doesn't have something to do with high-protein diet.


felicia - October 12

well there's a study publicized that eating a high-protein diet probably 25% of protein could make it harder for a woman to get pregnant.


fatima - October 12

that's weird. i don't know why could that happen so. i would like to know the reason why.


gretchen - October 12

felicia's post is true. the experimentation have been proven in a mice wherein doctors have tested 2 of mice with different diet given.


sheena - October 12

is that so... how could that be. but incase those studies are really true, then it is best for those women who wanted to get pregnant won't have a high-protein diet.


gretchen - October 12

it is because high-protein diet may raise levels of a chemical called ammonium in the female reproductive system.


zaida - October 12

and what could be the role of the ammonium in the female reproductive system? what could be its effect for women who wants to conceive?


eureka - October 12

having high levels of ammonium have been linked to problems with embryo implantation as to of cows and mice.


ashley - October 12

but i know for a fact that mice are herbivores that is most of the time they eat plants rather than meat which we know for sure is the source of protein. this couldn't be referred to as for people. we human being are most of the time into meat.


eureka - October 12

that is why that has been a problem for the study. we couldn't just give our side of conclusion about this because this study hasn't been published yet in an established medical journal.


bless - October 12

that is frustrating... there should be more research on women rather than doing it on mice. this is needed so that we can draw real conclusions about high-protein diets and fertility.


joy - October 12

dieting is not bad at all most especially when you are overweight and you are trying to get pregnant, it could be a good thing. being obese can put you to complications during pregnancy.



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