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How to prevent tubal blockage?
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tcmanddisease - September 16

Why women have to learn some methods to prevent tubal blockage? What is tubal blockage? As is known, every woman has two fallopian tubes. Fallopian tubes are important organs for they are the bridge to transport sperm and fertilized egg. When fallopian tube is blocked, when means the bridge is broken, the sperm and cannot meet with egg and the fertilized egg cannot be transported to uterus. Therefore, if you want to be a mother, you should learn some ways to prevent this disease.
There are some women may hold the view that modern medical system is so excellent, if I have had this disease, there will be many treatment ways to make tubal unblocked. Although surgery can make tubal unblocked, you fallopian tubes also need time to recovery. Moreover, if you don’t take antibiotic, you may affect inflammation which can make your fallopian tubes blocked again.
Here are some tips for you learn:
Pay attention to personal hygiene
Women should pay much attention to personal hygiene, especially the private area. Women cannot share towel and basin with other people, in case cross infection.
Sexual lives
When having sex, not the woman has to pay attention to private hygiene, but also the man, for unprotected sex can bring bacteria into vagina can cause infection. If women have bleeding on vagina, sexual intercourse should be avoided.
Disease should be cured timely
Diseases like PID, chlamydia infection, endometriosis should be cured timely, because infection or inflammation can spread to fallopian tubes, causing tubal blockage.
Fallopian tubes are such important organs to women, thus women should take care of this organ. Once women lose it, it is impossible for women to get pregnant by the natural way. More information about tubal blockage, please contact me or search fuyan Pill.


Myra - June 8

Tubal blockage can affect one or both sides. Although one is still useful, it is still important to keep both working. Thank you for this useful information.



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