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how true it is to get pregnant during/after your period
16 Replies
SUNSHINE - October 16

could that be true or it's just coincidental for some that you could get pregnant during your menstruation; how about just right after your menstruation?


yen - October 16

uhm, i think it is... but that could be so rare...


matilda - October 17

well believe it or not, IT IS POSSIBLE and yeah it's a rare case. it is only when you have that short menstrual cycle.


phyzea - October 17

most likely, a woman can ovulate in just a few days if she has a short cycle (after having a period) especially when sperm can survive up to 3 days in your reproductive tract. it could hang around there until you ovulate.


margie - October 17

apart from that, when you breakthrough bleeding or spotting between your menstruation. seek some doctor's advice ASAP


nerissa - October 17

i think that varies from woman to woman, depends on how aggressive their hormones is...


zhiba - October 23

how about getting pregnant right after your period?


xxladydreamxx - October 23

i think that's a rare case amongst women. what do you think?


althea - October 23

yes it is not that possible. that depends on how short your menstrual cycle is and how long your menstruation lasts.


lyndsay - October 23

is that so... so therefore it will always depends on how woman ovulate.


rafaela - October 23

could be at some point, because when you have your menstruation, there will another egg that develops in preparation for the next release during your current cycle.


shasha - October 24

usually women have a 28-day cycle and it ovulates from somewhere between the 12th and 16th day of your cycle. so if ever you have 7 days of period that lasts, you can finished it by 5. if the sperm could survive in the fallopian tube for up to 7 days, it could be possible that you'll get pregnant if you are ovulating a little earlier.


liza - October 24

really? whoah... women who are actively having partners should be aware of this. they could really learn something that would benefit them a lot.


ingrid - October 24

i agree to that. normally almost 70% of the women are not well-educated about how they ovulate so this thread may help us know more about our reproductive system, just like with the men too.


heidi - October 24

but it is more possible for women getting pregnant after her period when she has this shorten average of menstrual cycle...


liza - October 24

isn't it? now i know, glad to participate in this thread... hope you have a lots of insights to share..


gretchen - October 24

well if you are about to mistakenly spotting between your periods; bleeding during your fertile time, better to tell your doctor right away.



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