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8 Replies
dorphie - September 1

i am on late 30's, married with a beautiful wife. we are happy being

together even we knew that there's still missing in bringing up a nice family.

a kid would be the only missing piece that we have to deal with for such a

long time. i don't get it, everything seems to be normal, health and all that.

just don't know if there is really that problem.


eureka - September 1

whoa, do guys have infertility issues too? hahaha, i won't blame myself anymore, alone! i can pinpoint my partner with this problem too...


brandy - September 1

do you think you can just laugh off with this kind of problem? this is somehow serious for partners who's wishing to have kid. yah know dorphie, this is a good thread for those guys who doesn't have close minds, those who doesn't only blame women but also consider musculine condition.


harvey - September 1

man, thanks for bringing up this topic. i am an obese person and thought this could be factor too that i can't give mah wife a child.


shasha - September 1

i knew this, been so disappointed about my weight problems. my friends told me conceiving a child in my womb could be a problem especially that i am so big... as in OBESE!


heidi - September 1

i guess that whether you are F or M, it doesn't matter. the issue is that one of you might suffering from fertility problems or worst, BOTH of you do have.


loyd - September 1

geez, maybe woman have it the majority of all those infertility problems. almost 90% of it, women have those issues.


nerissa - September 1

hey don't generalized it. you don't actually seem to understand what you are talking about loyd. if you could just ask a professional's opinion, then you would know that your perception is WRONG!


lowella - September 1

do this issue has any symptoms? what is actually the cause of this? just a follow-up question dorphie, are you and your wife both obese or underweight?



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