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I have pcos and need help.
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Maria23 - August 23

Really hope someone might be able to give me some advice.
I'm 23 years old found out I have pcos at 15 and had been on the pill until very recently. My partner and I want to try for a baby however scince I came off my pill at the end of April I have not had a true period! I've seen my doctor and he has booked an appointment at the hospital for next month. This seems like such a long time away and I am becoming a bit stressed. (and I know that's the worst thing for pcos)
has anyone ever experienced anything like this or could give me some reasurance?
Thank You


shasha - September 2

you better keep your fingers crossed for this. have your patience extended because it is still best to know what to do by a professional's advice. you can still get pregnant though it would be a little tough.


lowella - September 7

why do we women always got this kind of problem... i think this is really common to us especially this pcos thingy.


Shaun - September 9

What is pcos anyway? I don't know what is it(sorry). :(
Is it a disease?


margie - September 9

Polycystic ovary syndrome an endocrine disorderis that is most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age and a leading cause of infertility.


felicia - September 9

The most common treatment for pcos is birth control pills. Depending on the physician, the treatment may include hormonal therapy consisting of birth control pills, anti-androgen medications, and other special hormone-regulating drugs.


maya - September 10

By reducing calories and simple sugars, increasing lean protein and fiber and beginning a regular exercise routine, you can help your body increase it’s response to insulin, and possibly decrease androgen production. This may help reduce symptoms, restore normal menses and make it easier to conceive.


deannaknoxville - September 10

I have been trying to have a child for over a year now. My Gyno/Ob Dr. put me on Clomid for 7 months and no luck. At the end of last month I went to a fertility Dr. and I have pcos. He put me on Glucophage 500mg. It is suppost to maintaine your blood sugar and help you get pregnant. I am hoping it works.



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