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i just really DON'T KNOW!!!
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SHAWNTELL - December 14

i don't if i am pregnant or not and i am not quite sure how am i supposed to know. i don't have any idea. :(
i am only 22 and i don't know if i am conceiving.


Emily - December 14

don't worry shawntell it is really normal for those other women out there especially as young as you to know whether they are pregnant or not. you're not alone.. :)


she_IS - December 14

exactly coz some women just have no idea. if you haven't tried to use a pregnancy test kit which is somehow the most reliable way of knowing you are pregnant, then you might never just know if you would only sit down and trying to confuse yourself about your condition.


zyger - December 14

hey, are you already married? i just want to make it sure because you said you are still young, hehe... because if you are then you should be an expectant mother and when you are trying to get pregnant meaning to say your sex life is active. i know i am a guy and i really don't have any idea of what a woman was going through but men can also distinguish their wives if they are pregnant like being super moody.


betsy - December 14

you can have pregnancy test at home when you already have a couple of days missed period.


catie - December 14

you can also identify if you are carrying a baby in you by finding out those signs and symptoms indicating that you are pregnant.


coffee&me - December 14

the symptoms and indication varies from woman to woman and yours may differ from the other who are excessively having trouble in the first trimester of their pregnancy.


big``GIRL - December 14

yes, but sometimes you know guys the signs of being pregnant are very similar to those experiencing premenstrual so it is still best not to assume whenever you have one.


miStreSS - December 14

the most very common sign among all listed and shown by women who are pregnant is the missed of period when of course if you are trying to have a baby. but still this isn't reliable at all because you may just have a changing cycle of your period.


]]kelly[[ - December 14

another one shawntell is if you are experiencing a lot of morning sickness like nausea because this is really common to those who are pregnant. it actually occurs at any time of the day not just in the morning but also at night.


dorphie - December 14

guess women are really just sensitive when they are pregnant. i happened to noticed it with my wife and i think those signs are really coming out.


felicia - December 14

yes almost half of the women in the entire world are experiencing this sudden physical, mental and emotional stability.


elijah - December 14

it is also been proven that some of those women out there experience a kind of light spotting due to the embryo implants into the wall of the uterus.


SHAWNTELL - December 14

how does it looks like? i think i have it once in my undies one morning when i went off to bed to take a shower.


heidi - December 14

it is actually a light spot of blood, lighter color of our red blood we see in during our menstruation. somehow this is generally to last over a day or so.


phyzea - December 14

the swollen and/or tendering of the breasts can be a sign too. if you feel like your sensitivity around your breast seems to enlarge a bit then probably you might be pregnant.


mademoiselle - December 14

yes like feeling sore or the tingly sensation. small bumps that are visible around the nipples too.



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