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i just really DON'T KNOW!!!
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mademoiselle - December 14

yes like feeling sore or the tingly sensation. small bumps that are visible around the nipples too.


jackie - December 14

i guess when you feel an extreme tiredness can be common in pregnancy. the feeling of fatigue. it has been said that this is due to the elevated levels of your hormones which is progesterone that makes you feel tired.


phoebe - December 14

well there are a lot of signs that you can list down to know whether you are pregnant or not shawntell, just like having the sensitivity of smell. the feeling of sudden urge or a feeling disgusted on a certain food.


agatha - December 14

how about having frequent urination? are you experiencing that kind of sign? on early pregnancy, this is one common sign.


joy - December 14

what about constipation, like other women are also having this kind of signs but just rarely. this is because of the hormone levels that lows down the digestion and the colon is beginning to absorb lots of water.


zhiba - December 15

i don't know if some of you experience having frequent headaches. this is usually at the early stage of being pregnant.


trista - December 15

in addition to that, having also the sense of metallic taste adds up to the signs and symptoms of being pregnant. a larger number of those women out there as to surveys experience a sensation of metallic taste in their mouth on the early stage of pregnancy.


SHAWNTELL - December 15

that is quite pretty weird. i have to say i am experiencing some sense of not eating much and craving some foods that i usually don't eat but still i don't want to assume some other days, i don't feel those.


vivian - December 15

i guess it is really early to say so and you can just predict it right away if you are experiencing it just a couple of days or so. if it goes on a week, then maybe you are most likely conceiving.


leilani - December 15

well, not all of the women are having this symptoms of course. we differ from each other and yet the signs may be a bit similar but generally are different on how we react to the changes that we are going through.


courtney - December 15

maybe because it is just really early to tell. but if you are a bit of frustrated now to know the truth, then do it the simplest, easiest and fastest way. you can have the pregnancy test kit done at home, or else visiting your ob-gyne for some check-ups.


eureka - December 15

in case you have decided to go to your obgyne or make some home pregnancy test, we will be very glad if you will give us some updates on the progress! good luck!!! :)
hope you are pregnant or might get pregnant soon...



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