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i love caffeine but scared to be infertile...
7 Replies
coffee&me - October 7

hi guys, are you aware of being a coffee addict will possibly not get pregnant? it scares me though, but i think it's not true... what do you think?


sandy - October 7

yes, normally they say... it affects your being fertile. a study shows that when you take moderate amounts of caffeine this would lower your likelihood of conceiving as to 27% compared to those with lower intakes...


eureka - October 7

exactly your point. it lowers your chances of getting pregnant even if you have the right amount of daily diet everyday.


hyacinth - October 7

but i have read a certain study of other experts with different perception about drinking coffee. they said that drinking a half cup of tea each day doubled the chances of conception per cycle, while those other caffeinated drinks had no effect.


fatima - October 7

that is true. there are a lot of studies about drinking caffeinated drinks. it is also concluded that women who have an intake amount of 400-700 mg/day took longer to conceive. other study says that caffeine had nothing to do on effect of conception at intakes of less than 300mg/day. this would definitely get into the worse things of having confusions.


spice - October 7

well guys there are so many reviews and there is an available evidence last 2001 according to Organisation of Teratology Information Services based in US and Canada that "low to moderate caffeine consumption does not seem to reduce a woman's chance of becoming pregnant."


deborah - October 7

you could have treatment to reduce your caffeine if you couldn't help take doses of it everyday! :)


balsy - October 7

ok, just put it this way, whenever you are trying to get pregnant just like what you've said, try also to limit your total intake of caffeine in tea, cola, cocoa, coffee especially if you regularly take more than 300mg a day, it would help.



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