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I've been bleeding since October?
2 Replies
StevieBryl - August 2

I wasn't sure to post this but I felt this was the only category that seemed to fit. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with PCOS after a year of no monthly cycle, it turns out I was only ovulating twice a year if that. I never really got put on any kind of treatment for it, they just left me to go home and "try and lose weight" I wasn't actually overweight to begin with, but I did lose 5% of my body weight, still nothing helped and I went another 3 years with no period. I then fell pregnant unexpectedly in March 2012, I carried all the way to full term and had a healthy baby boy. Since the birth I had the normal postpartum bleeding which stopped after 3 or so weeks. I had one light period after that then nothing right up until October 2013 when I started bleeding and it just wouldn't stop!! I went to the doctors who did blood tests and sent me off for a scan and said everything was fine. 2 of the blood tests did come back showing Underactive thyroid and low B12. I was put on Levothyroxine and had a course of injections to boost my B12. Since then this bleeding just hasn't stopped, I keep going back to the doctors only to be told it's all hormonal and will settle. I urged my doctor to investigate more but they wouldn't. I ended up in hospital 5th July as I was losing LOTS of blood, I was also losing clots the size of my palm!! So they put me on Norethisterone 5mg and it has not stopped the bleeding!! It's almost been a month why aren't they working? I have a gyny appointment on 6th august as the Dr at the hospital wanted to find out what is causing the bleeding. Me and my husband want to try for another baby and I know weight loss played a part in conceiving my first so since March this year I've lost 2st 5lb which I had gained due to my underactive thyroid and being depressed. Any ideas or stories from anyone else going through a similar thing would be much appreciated :)


sheila - June 9

there must be an underlying cause for your problem. whatever it is, it sounds serious. if possible, please see other doctor for better understanding.


StevieBryl - June 9

After seeing the gyny on the 6th August 2014 he made me stop the Norethisterone and instead got me to take 4 days worth of Tranexamic acid, which stopped the bleeding. He still couldn't figure out as to why I was bleeding in that way in the first place. To this day I still don't have an answer. I went on to bleed again from October 20th - December 13th! I didn't bother seeing the doctors as they had been no use in the times before, so I just took some Tranexamic acid to make it stop. I discovered I was pregnant in January of this year and now I'm 28 weeks pregnant! All the scans have been fine, no bleeding at all... My body sure is confusing!!



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