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luise - December 13

Just been told hubby has a very low spern count but everything is fine with myself. I have been told about icsi, will i still need the injections or clomid? can anyone help me out.


leonore - December 13

oh, you haven't asked your obgyne? it is more appropriate to seek an physician' advice on this.


shanie - December 20

icsi? that is for male who have fertility issue. if in case you have already started clomid, you need to finish it first before your partner will proceed to have icsi.


vina - December 20

you don't need to have clomid or injections if your husband will undergo icsi.


deborah - December 20

did you discuss it already with your husband? i hope he knows about this and maybe you can open up about having icsi.


phyzea - December 20

if you haven't tried clomid or any other fertility supplements yet, i think you should try it first before planning to have ICSI because sometimes there other women who have fertility problems happens to get a successful pregnancy after using clomid.


marquee - December 20

be sure that you will focus on the benefits of what the baby will become.


mayo - August 8

we had icsi. you will need the injections to stimulate your ovarys there ok to do.ready for the collection if your husbands count is low tell him to take wellman vitamans at least 3 months before treatment my husband used zinc with no luck all his samples were bad.
then a nurse told him about wellman and explained that sperm he produces today will be afected by what happend 3 month ago if he had a cold this would show in the results.
he had never had a usable sample untill taking wellman we used his sperm for the treatment we did not need the stand by donor


ah26 - August 19

Hi Mayo
I found you're comment really helpfull and will be looking into the wellman vitamins. Are they a good vitamin for the men to take whilst trying to conceive anyway or just if they have sperm count probs?
How did you're treatment go?


mayo - August 26

they are just vitamins you can buy at tesco a multi vitamin for men not just for a low count . it will be the same as you taking folic acid when you are trying to for the treatment it did not work will try again in the new year



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