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17 Replies
angelique - December 18

what is the meaning of implantation bleeding?


wondergirl - December 18

this is a condition in which the fertilized egg of a woman attaches itself to the womb's wall.


jhellie - December 18

it's like i haven't heard on this before. is it dangerous or what?


shasha - December 18

this is an incident where a small amount of blood may happen to be released from the placenta. the placenta is the lifeline of the baby for m9 months inside the womb.


violah - December 18

implantation bleeding is like the light spotting that can be in the shade of lighter pink or brown.


akiko - December 18

this is unlikely to having menstruation, this appear to over in a period of one or 3 days and usually intermittent but not like a regular flow that will get heavier over the time.


ELVIRA - December 18

that is happen unexpectedly? is this some kind of a traitor condition for women?


desiree - December 18

this occurs right before the an expected menstruation. it happens accordingly in between for 6 and 12 days after the ovulation.


louise - December 18

but this shouldn't be a threat for all women out there because not all of us will experience implantation bleeding.


gemma - December 18

yes not all experience this kind of phenomenon and only like a one third of women experience this.


00daphne00 - December 18

but this is can be harder to distinguished and due to its similarity to menstruation that sometimes we don't tend to realize it is already implantation bleeding.


dianne - December 18

others said that if you are trying, you can't say that you are conceiving or just implantation bleeding because it has the same signs like menstrual spotting.


girl2woman - December 18

just in case you'll have a spotting and you are not quite sure, get some check on right away.


zaida - December 18

maybe there could be points on how stop if you are having implantation bleeding.


betsy - December 20

yes, there are numbers of indicators that will help you check on it.


marci - December 20

take note on the appearance of the menstrual blood, it differs from having implantation bleeding.


felicia - December 20

implantation bleeding can be indicate through its duration. this will only last for about a day or two and it occurs intermittently.



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