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4 Replies
bojoly - August 27

Does anyone knows if kispeptin could be used to improve fertility without undergoing an ivf?
I can not afford privately infertility treatment but also I did not qualify for nhs treatment, therefore I tried to get pregnant naturally, I think something went wrong with my hormones and couldn't get pregnant for 3 years, I am 46 now and still trying for a baby, my last miscarriages(3 in a rowe) were 3 years ago cant get pregnant no more. I would like to try this kispeptin but how can I get a prescription for this hormone treatment, any idea? Please help if you can. Thanks, Amie . xx


crystalbaby - June 4

women who are trying to get pregnant at the age of 40's will only have 3-5 percent chances of success. sorry to tell you this. but at this age, fertility falls dramatically and it's a big thing to consider.


tanya - June 15

infertility can be age related but then again with the help of doctors it is no longer impossible that you will not conceive. many treatments out there are available for this so you shouldn't worry that much. make a habit to visit a doctor. good luck!


xenia - November 13

Hi bojoly, I am sorry to read yr story. If you cannot afford ivf treatment, think on ivf abroad (Poland, Czech e.g.) where you pay 1/3 of price- calculate all yr costs and see the final results. Next point- I agree with tanya that yr age reduces the chance of getting pregnant and also due to yr advanced maternity age I recommend to think on pgs


monikadavid - June 6

Hey, I hope you are doing well. I am extremely sorry to hear about your MC. It must have been extremely painful for you. My suggestion to you would be to change your doctor. Visit a proper doctor and first properly get checked. Age can be a factor as your eggs start to significantly decrease with time. IVF and the financial constraints are an issue for us as well. However, we are looking in countries where they are doing these procedures at a lower price. I have shortlisted all the clinics and am convinced on one clinic. One of the reasons for that is because they give you the opportunity to visit them for a free for the first meeting. Secondly, they also provide one with the accommodation which I think will make things easier. So I would suggest to you that you keep researching. Stay positive and don't lose hope. The medication you are talking about I am sorry I have no experience with that. Consult your doctor regarding that.



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