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Scaredycat - November 15

Hi there I've just decided to sign up for the forum after spending a day weeping on the sofa!I've just started having tests for fertility and am terrified of what I may be told. My husband and I haven't discussed our situation with anyone at all-only each other , but as he was told his sperm count is high enough to impregnate half of Europe(that was the phrase the doctor used!!)I feel he can't possibly understand how I'm feeling.I just wondered if anyone has any general advice for me please?also-is the uterine scan where they fill your tubes with x ray fluid really horrid?thank you.


ahayleya - November 17

hi, i understand how you feel i am many steps ahead of you i have had the xray dye test and it really is not that bad, there is a tiny bit of pain but its nothing at all your. i am the same sat here crying all day i have been told after a year of test they dont know why i cant get pregnant im fine my husband is fine had all the test under the sun. you will have a lot of test and i have been told that most people are fine but cant get pregnant. i hope this helps and if you need to know anymore about what things are you will go through please just ask


tara-newbie - December 15

It is all ok. I had tests and I was scared too but really nothing to worry about, just relax prior to going in and then listen to music. It is painless. I am now down for IUI treatment and then IVF. I feel the same but you get a huge wash of hope when something is being done. Good luck keep us posted x We will get there.


anderson111 - February 6

this is very good forum site i visited regularly.There are several infertility treatments and it is depend on the problems. First doctors search for the infertility problem and then do the treatment suitable for that problem.


clanna - February 9

I also have just joined. We have been trying to get pregnant for almost year and a half. We both have had tests done. My husband has quite poor motility but other counts are fine. I had tests done also- scan showed good amount of follicles but blood test showed that my FSH was high, so the two contradict one another. We have been recommended to have ICSI. The doctor would not do dye test as I also have crohns. I find it hard to confide in others as no one in family or group of friends has any experience. Its a difficult process!


JMA28 - February 14

I had miscarried and then was unable to conceive so the consultant sent me to have the dye test done - but quite some time ago I have to say. My husband had previously had a child with someone else, so I thought it was me and I gave myself such a hard time, blaming myself and feeling as if people were pointing fingers and whispering behind my back. The dye test showed there was nothing wrong and the consultant sent me home and asked me to go back in 3 months - but I did fall on pregnant in that time, and went on to have a healthy 'big' baby. I miscarried again while trying for another baby some years later, and then once again found it hard to conceive.
I took it upon myself to 'prop' myself up with cushions (I had heard of others putting their feet on the wall) to help things along, and it worked for me. I have recommended this to a number of people I have known to be struggling to conceive, and it worked for them too.

After having my two children I decided after hearing a radio plea/campaign for egg donors to go along and see what it entailed. My husband was keen for me to do this too, and was most supportive. I donated three times in all and helped two families have children that I know of. Each time I had to take a higher dose of drugs as I had fewer and fewer eggs each time I went through the cycle - I wondered if this was the real cause of my struggle to conceive.

The countless times I hear of ladies in the same situation as yourselves it makes me want to cry. I know I was fortunate and that is why I donated, so that others could be fortunate too - hell IVF is a hard long road for some - I know from a close friend that it can tear you apart inside and can be a real strain on your relationship.
I also know that for some there is no rhyme or reason for why they cannot conceive - a very dear close friend has been in that circumstance for a long time and is now starting with menopause. She nor her husband had any reason not to conceive, they were both healthy but her sister could not conceive due to complications so had to do the IVF route and after three attempts it finally worked and they have a lovely healthy boy of 18 months now. She will never conceive on her own so it would have to be IVF if they want more children.

I wish you all the very best with your plights, try not to take it out on yourself, but work through it and keep an open and positive mind.



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