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Irregular Periods, Breast Pain, Anxiety, Fatigue, Infertilit
3 Replies
ladamson27 - October 8

Hi Everyone,

I have come to this website in hope that someone out there has a similar experience to me.
In July 2011 i had a missed miscarriage, I had a Erpc operation to remove everything, my periods have never been the same since. I started experiencing anxiety 2 months after which was out of the blue and no reason for it, i had been doing really well and feeling positive.

I have never felt the same since my missed miscarriage, my periods are irregular they come whenever they like and are very light, i experience breast pain which i didnt experience before, this month it started 11 days after my period and is still going on now. Im tired, anxious all the time and also me and my husband have been trying for a baby ever since and nothing is happening. I have been to the doctor and she did a hormone blood test, it came back saying i had high prolactin levels, as this can be due to stress she wanted to do another blood test a month later, this came back fine.
Doctors arent sure what else to do for me apart from refer me to gynacology or fertility.
I am sure from the symptoms i have read that i have a hormone imbalance, but i dont understand because the blood test came back fine, should i ask for more blood tests to be done different stages of my cycle? I just want to be back to normal and i am so frustrated.

Any advice appreciated.

L x


AlleyJames - October 9

Hey dear after reading every thing. Your main problem is irregular periods. try to see your gyn to make it normal. your other problem will be vanished.


Fortisfertility - March 22

Hi ladamson
there is a chance of uterus problem since you had miscarriage. its better to consult a gynecologist again they can provide you the exact solution


tcmanddisease - August 23

Tubal obstruction is one of the most common factors that cause infertility, which accounts for 40 percents of the total tubal obstruction patients. As a matter of fact, causes of tubal obstruction are multiple, such as gynecological inflammation and tumors of the uterus, ovaries. Also, infections issue from abortion can lead to tubal blockage, adhesion, hydrosalpinx, etc. For instance, if a women has had operative abortion, she has a risk of postoperative infection. During the operation, bacteria can be brought to uterine cavity, which easily can lead to salpingitis, and then develop to tubal blockage. fuyan Pill can cure Tubal obstruction within thee months.



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